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Welding Alloys Group specialises in the manufacture of hardfacing wire with over 300 different types of flux-cored welding wire available. Hardfacing by arc welding is a surfacing operation used to extend the service life of industrial components. Hardfacing wire can be used as part of a maintenance programme or preventively on new components using sophisticated alloys.  All our Hardfacing wires are back by our 'WA Performance Guarantee', which means we will always recommend the product and service with the highest performance for our customers' applications.

Joining Wires

Welding Alloys Group manufacture and supply a comprehensive range joining cored wires, readily used in a wide variety of demanding welding, construction and fabrication environments. Our high quality joining wires are efficient, easy to use and productive.   Our Joining wire range is backed the 'WA Performance Guarantee', which means we will recommend the product and service with the highest performance for our customers' applications.

Welding Machines

Welding Alloys leads the way in the design and manufacture of automated welding machines and equipment since the late 1970s. Our range of welding machines provide the most sophisticated technology to enable high quality and reproducibility of demanding cladding, joining and rebuilding applications.  Our range of machines can be customised for almost any application or industry.

Surface Protection Services

We provide advanced surface protection services and work together with our customers to ensure we meet their individual specifications. We provide a comprehensive range of surface protection services and solutions including:

  • Assessment and analysis of parts and their working conditions; procedure's development, applications and measures control ensuring high standard quality throughout the job
  • Supply of our own designed, long lasting and reliable hardfaced components
  • Application of highly efficient cladding or hardfacing procedures with the use of simultaneously operating, fully automated, welding heads

Aluminium Welding Wires

We have extensive expertise in the manufacture of flux cored wires and aluminium welding wires. We have developed our aluminium welding wires using new ideas and technology to provide advantages and characteristics including:

  • Excellent feedability and superior liner life, which comes from our exclusive wire finishing technology
  • Single and double shaving, close to final size, giving the best performance for higher strength alloys in the most demanding applications
  • Consistent high quality welds due to our optimised surface cleaning and conditioning

Field Welding Solutions

We have four decades of knowledge and experience industry specific applications. Our aim is to share all our knowledge within each WA Group company to ensure best practices are achieved throughout the WA Group. We want to enable all of our local teams to provide valuable customer support and field welding solutions.

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