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At Welwyn Tool Group, we specialise in supplying hot air tools and plastic welding tools for a wide spectrum of applications. Industrial air tools are also available for specific projects and applications in several industries. With our air tool finder, you can select from our excellent stock an ideal tool for your requirements.

Hot Air Plastic Welding

At Welwyn Tool Company, we are a distributor of Leister Tools with over 50 years of expertise in all areas of thermoplastic engineering. We can offer an unmatched standard of service.

With Leister, we have become the world's leading manufacturer of hot air plastic welding equipment and industrial heat processes. We now make up 95 percent of the worldwide market. The precise welding of plastics is a must. That is why skilled professionals have relied on the quality of Leister plastic welding equipment for years.

At Welwyn Tool Group, we provide a comprehensive range of hot air plastic welding tools and accessories, and a wealth of plastic processing knowledge.

Vinyl Floor Welding

For vinyl floor welding solutions, we supply the highly versatile range of hand and automatic machines from Leister. Vinyl floor welding enhances the floor covering process, allowing efficient and effortless floor laying every time.

Welding Roof Membranes

With laying and welding roof membranes, first-class quality is essential to prevent expensive mistakes. Our Leister range of precision and easy to operate equipment ensures welding roof membranes becomes an effective and professional process.

Civil Engineering

Leister provides a full range of equipment for demanding civil engineering requirements. Reliable, durable and effective, we can supply wedge welding machines, welding tools and a complete selection of hand tools from Leister for numerous civil engineering applications.

Industrial Fabrics

For the welding of industrial fabrics, welding machines from Leister are capable of welding numerous types including PVC, ECB, EPDM and PVDF.

We supply various hand tools and welding tools and machines all demonstrating high standard industrial fabric welding capabilities.

Banner Welding

Banner welding is made easier with our excellent supply of hot air welding machines, wedge welding machines and hand tools from Leister. We also offer many complementary accessories for banner welding.

Vehicle Repairs

At Welwyn Tool Group, we cater for a multitude of vehicle repair requirements and provide a comprehensive range of reliable manual welding tools from Leister. Vehicle repairs for bumpers, spoilers, air conditioning systems and headlight units can all be covered with our excellent range of tools.

Heat Shrinking

Heat shrinking and hot air welding tools are all available from our stock list. The ability to use heat shrinking for plastics simplifies numerous work processes and is made easier with our professional tool range from Leister.

Industrial Heaters and Blowers from Leister

Providing a cost effective and efficient solution that meets your engineering demands, the Leister industrial heaters are used in a number of industrial production processes. We will tailor a heater or blower unit to your specification whatever your requirement.

Hot Air Tools

We specialise in supplying air tools for a wide spectrum of applications. 01707 331111.

Heat Guns

The world's leading manufacturer of hot air plastic welding equipment. 01707 331111

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