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We are specialists in wheelchair access platform lifts and aim to provide solutions for a variety of access problems. We continually champion the recommendations highlighted in the Disability Discrimination Act and strive to supply wheelchair access platform lifts with innovative designs allowing for independence and flexibility.

Step Lifts

Step lifts provide effective access for wheelchair users where access is difficult due to steps or a change in floor level. Step lifts are compact yet still offer a large platform and shallow ramp for ease of use. They can be installed internally or externally and lift to a maximum height of 500mm.

All our access systems are installed by our qualified engineers and a choice of maintenance contracts are available to suit individual customer needs.

Through Floor Lifts

We are a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of revolutionary lifting products like through floor lifts. We strive to provide access solutions for both domestic and public properties.

Our application engineers work closely with customers so the full scope of access issues are addressed and dealt with during the installation of products such as through floor lifts. Legislation and Acts of Parliament are essential to our business but customer preference and support are at the heart of our services.

Low Rise Lifting Platform

Our low rise lifting platform offers the perfect solution to easy access in the home and public buildings and premises. Our low rise lifting platform is highly flexible, cost effective and can even be modified into a step lift by integrating a bridging device.

The low rise lifting platform will be fitted by professional engineers and supplied with a 5-year anti-corrosion warranty and maintenance contract tailored to meet your requirements.

Lifting Platforms

Our range of lifting platforms include models such as the LR800, LR900 and LR1100 modes of platforms designed to provide easy access to premises where there is a change in level.

All our lifting platforms are supplied with a comprehensive user manual, training and support to help you gain the most out of your platform.

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