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Wessex Metrology specialises in providing and supporting innovative yet competitive engineering measurement solutions created in conjunction with market-leading gauge and metrology businesses. 

Precision products from the best metrologists

At the heart of Wessex Metrology is a carefully selected portfolio of world-class precision gauge and instrument manufacturers backed by extensive engineering knowledge and a total commitment to customer service. If no out-of-the-box or off-the-shelf solution is available, we will go that extra mile to deliver your optimum instrument and system solution.

From high quality fixed limit and electromechanical gauging, master gears and splines to complete optical and mechanical CMM systems, Wessex Metrology is your single source for measuring solutions.

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Thread and Plain Gauges

 Thread gauges

Specialist metrology knowledge makes Wessex Metrology an acknowledged leader in the supply of screw thread gauges. We deliver a comprehensive range of standard sizes from stock, including metric M2 to M100, Tr, UNC, UNF, G, BSW, NPT, R, and can deliver non-standard classes of fit, special thread forms and special designs on short lead times.

We represent Europe's largest manufacturer of precision gauges; substantial investment in plant, equipment and measuring technology over a period of many years enables them to deliver gauges of the highest quality at very competitive prices.

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Bore Gauges

2 point bore gauges

These dedicated gauges are made to order to suit specific application. Send us your requirements and we can assess the most effective solution for your project.

  • Precision measuring heads, through and blind bore
  • TiN coated bodies, carbide measuring contacts
  • Wide 6 to 280mm range

The gauges are supplied complete with setting masters and UKAS certificate

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Spline Gauges & Gear Metrology

Spline Gauges

  • Serration gauges
  • Straigh-sided and involute spline gauges
  • Concentricity ring gauges
  • Indicating spline gauges
  • Work-holding mandrels

Spline Measurements

  • Indicating and Go/NoGo limit gauges
  • Plugs and rings
  • Involute, straight, serration, helical

All gauges are supplied in through-hardened toolsteel and can be supplied with either a factory or UKAS certificate.

Manufactured to BS, DIN or ISO specifications.

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Special Features

Universal Length Measurement

KORDT design and build high accuracy measuring instruments for length, diameter, concentricity, parallelism and run-out. These instruments provide exceptional service life and highly reliable, repeatable mesurements.

Varicord 4730

Reliable measurement of large external and internal dimensions from 300 to 2000mm with 100mm adjustment range and 10mm span.

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Length, Groove Thickness

Mechanical Internal Measurement

Kroeplin are the world's leading suppliers of precision calipers. The new mechanical gauges have the following features :

  • IP65
  • Small Measuring Force Difference
  • Better Reading
  • Larger measuring ranges

Electronic Internal Measurement

Kroeplin are the world's leading suppliers of precision calipers. The new electronics gauges have the following features

  • IP 67
  • Reduced weight
  • Better digital display
  • Analogue segment display
  • Egronomically designed
  • USB and Mitutoyo interface
  • mm/inch conversion 

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Micrometers, Calipers and Height Gauges

Electronic Micrometers

  • Patented measuring systems
  • Large, easy-to-read digital display
  • Models available with single function key, IP54 protection, with or without RS232 interface
  • Range: 0-30mm to 275-300mm


  • Basic workshop calipers 0 to 150mm
  • IP65 and IP67 protection, with or without RS232 interface
  • Range: 0 to 150mm to 0 - 1000mm

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Measuring Systems

Measuring Systems

TESA's class-leading optical measuring systems combine modern design with advanced ergonomics for the ultimate in operating convenience.

TESA Visio - Video Measuring System

  • Simple to use, compact high resolution video measuring system
  • 20x to 135x magnification
  • SVGA Touch Screen operation
  • Intuitive TESA- Touch software allows easy measuremetn of a wide variety of parameters, such as circles, distances, centre distance, perpendicularity, parallelism, etc.
  • Includes a function for component alignment
  • Measuring table 200 x 100mm or 300 x 100mm

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Probes and Styli

Probes and Styli

Renishaw supplies solutions for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs), CNC machine tools and manufacturing automation systems, including probing, calibration, encoder, scanning and spectroscopy systems. The company's cutting-edge technology gives your business a competitive edge, helping you meet the challenges of the global market.

Renishaw designs, develops and manufactures innovative solutions using the following products:

  • Styli and probe systems for CMM-based inspection
  • Systems for machine tool job set-up, tool setting and inspection
  • Scanning and digitising
  • Encoder systems for high accuracy position feedback
  • Styli for inspection and tool setting probes
  • Laser and automated ballbar systems for machine performance measurement and calibration

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Wessex Metrology brings together the best dimensional metrology technology from some of the World's finest manufacturers and combines it with extensive in-house engineering experience to create optimum class-leading measurement solutions - all underwritten by cutting edge customer service.

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