Western Technical Services


Western Technical Services

Western Technical Services is an international non-destructive testing company that has amassed considerable expertise and experience in equipment and component testing throughout a wide range of industries.  

Western Technical Services provides a nationwide service of on-site and laboratory Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection that includes, Helium Plate Heat Exchanger testing, Spray Dryer Inspection, Holding Time Verification, Ultrasonics, MPI, LPI, Eddy Current Flaw Detection, Hardness testing, Weld Inspection, Weld Procedure Approval and Welder Qualification tests.
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Western Technical Services

Accusense Systems

The Accusense System uses an established and highly effective non-destructive testing method developed and patented by Accusense.

The Accusense System utilises the inert helium gas as a tracer to seek out any potential leaks in one circuit of a heat exchanger. The opposing circuit has a low volume of circulating air which is continually monitored for any traces of helium which are displayed on the detecting instrument and a paperless recording system.

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Accusense Systems

Accusense: Non Destructive Testing

Unlike conventional methods i.e. dye penetrant the Accusense System does not require the heat exchanger to be stripped or opened and can find holes down to 5 microns. This proven method uses Helium gas as it not only has the second smallest atom size, but is also easily detectable.

  • Non destructive
  • Safe in operation
  • No residual contamination
  • Minimum disruption to production

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Accusense: Non Destructive Testing

Spray Dryer Inspection

WTS have been inspecting spray dryers in the Food, Flavour and Pharmaceutical industries for 15 years and have a wealth of experience in this field.

WTS has developed a new state of the art inspection platform for use in spray dryers it has many advantages over traditional scaffolding methods, such as:
  • No risk of damage to the Spray Dryer from Scaffolding poles.
  • No risk of splinters or debris from wooden planks.
  • No blind spots below scaffold pole supports which have not been tested.
  • Less downtime
  • Cost savings 
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Spray Dryer Inspection

Meeting British and European Standards

Our new access platform as far as we are aware, is the only mobile access platform for spray dryer inspection currently in use to meet the British and European Standards for Suspended access equipment in accordance with BS-EN 1808.

We have a wealth of experience of spray dryer inspection of over 15 years and currently test approximately 30 spray dryers per year throughout Europe.

All its inspections are carried out by highly trained and qualified personnel. Its technicians are certified to PCN level 2 or 3 or SNT-TC-1A level 2 or 3. Both of these internationally recognised certification schemes comply with EN 473 - The European Standard for the Qualification and Certification of NDT personnel.

What is best for you?

There are two NDT processes that can be used for the internal inspection of spray driers, vats and tanks:

  • Liquid Penetrant inspection
  • Eddy Current examination and derivatives.

There are of course advantages and disadvantages of both processes.

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