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We provide first-class metal pressings in high or low volumes, complex or simple pressed components, single or multi-stage presswork or for precision machining. We have a new, purpose-built factory including a press shop with capacity up to 160 tonnes. To complement our contract metal pressing, we offer an assortment of additional operations such as drilling, tapping and machining, together with assembly and packaging of components.

We supply industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, batteries, air conditioning, window hardware and electronics. We work with high quality mild steels, stainless steels and a broad range of non-ferrous metals including nickel, copper, brass and phosphor bronze.

Stainless Steel Pressings

We ensure all stainless steel pressing work is fully planned, from scheduling of materials, work in progress, despatch, spares, to stock control and invoicing.

We are highly skilled in stainless steel pressings enabling us to press components accurately and efficiently. As well as our ability to provide the tooling needed for a component, we also employ customers’ own tooling, using our intelligent engineering to gain improved speeds and accuracies to reduce the cost of the components.

Automotive Pressings

We specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality automotive pressings. We are capable of providing high and low volumes of automotive pressings to the automotive industry and to meet individual requirements.  

Building and Air-Conditioning Pressings

We use high quality materials to manufacture building and air-conditioning pressings. We produce building and air-conditioning pressings with accuracy and efficiency to meet individual specifications.

Electronic Pressings

We produce an array of  electronic pressings. Our electronic pressings can be made in in many sizes to suit your applicationfrom . They are extremely accurate and cost effective.  

Multi Stage Progression and Bandoliered Pressings

We produce a wide range of multi stage progression and bandoliered pressings in an assortment of sizes to meet individual requirements. Our multi stage progression and bandoliered pressings are produced in copper, brass, mild steel and nickel for the automotive, electrical, building and white goods industries.

Precision Machining

Over many years, we have developed our own in-house precision machining facility, using our unrivaled expertise in the techniques of wire erosion and spark erosion, as well as high precision CNC machining. We provide diverse precision machining services on a sub-contract basis, providing high precision machined components in small batches as well as one-offs.

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