Westmoreland Mechanical Testing and Research Ltd


Westmoreland Mechanical Testing and Research Ltd. (WMT&R Ltd), the European subsidiary of WMT&R Inc, provide a broad range of materials testing services. Tensile properties are evaluated on foils from 6 microns. Fully reversed fatigue strain life data may be provided on sheet from 3mm. Crack propagation and fracture toughness determinations, along with other mechanical testing, may be conducted at ambient or elevated temperatures. A range of facilities for evaluating corrosion and bond system variables (e.g. surface pre-treatments and adhesives) is available. WMT&R additionally offer facilities for the testing of polymers and composites, surface roughness determination / profiling, sample machining and metallography.

Chemical Testing

WMT&R, Ltd. uses the latest spectrometer technology. The Spectra Instruments OES provides for increased analysis speed,
elemental ranges, and sensitivity.

Composites Testing

WMT&R Ltd have recognized the need to develop specialist testing services for a variety of composite materials, most notably glass and carbon fibre types. This is in addition to specialist know how in dealing with a wide variety of ferrous, non-ferrous alloys, thermoset polymers, thermoplastics, fibres, filers and adhesives.

Corrosion Testing

WMT&R's Stress Corrosion testing capabilities extend to 13 frames with the capacity of loading up to 1300 constant strain
specimens. WMT&R conducts custom fixturing and test set-ups to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Heat Treating

WMT&R, Ltd. offers various heat treatment practices and quenching in either oil or water media, with either electric or fan assisted electric ovens. AMS-2750 is utilized. Data logging is used to record time/temperature profiles.

Fatigue Testing

Fatigue Testing to: ASTM E606, BS7270, ASTM E647, BS3518-3, and Documented In-House method for Fatigue Testing of Welded, Adhesive Bonded and Mechanical Joints, primarily in sheet materials.

Fracture Toughness

WMT&R's Fracture Toughness and Fatigue labs are geared toward increased volumes as needs arise. Tests are conducted under a wide range of conditions including temperature's ranging from liquid helium to 648°C.

Machine Shop

Here at WMT&R, Ltd. we regard the onsite machine shop as a key part of our service package. Our state-of-the-art machining centre allows machining of all test specimens in-house and on-site to the exacting tolerances required by our customer's company drawings.

Mechanical Testing

Tension and Compression Testing:

Tension and Compression tests are conducted on an impressive range of machines with capacities from 0.01 kg to 453,500 kg. Strain ranges vary from 50% for cryogenic and room temperatures and 30% for elevated temperatures with speeds up to 500 mm/min.


WMT&R's Metallographic section is designed to meet all your needs from lot release and material-overchecking to failure analysis and problem solving on test specimens, finished parts, and fasteners.

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