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WSL was founded in 1991. We are an established supplier of cables, connectors and miscellaneous hardware to the electronic product manufacturing industry. Key products are BNC connectors for CCTV and connectors for quality hi-fi applications.

Audio Connectors

The mainstay of our selection remains the Emuden multi-way range of PCB and chassis-mount phono sockets, from single to 9-way blocks, many of which we assemble here in the UK. From commercial to professional quality sockets (with solid turned contacts), our full range includes a wide selection from other manufacturers as well, such as Jalco and Kunming. With a range of finishes, channel-marker colours and with many sockets being available with or without EMI shield plate and chassis earth, all configurations are catered for.


A range of holders, from manufacturers such as Ace Sound, Chitose and Ishikawa, for every battery size and popular configurations; all available with or without flyingleads. 

Add to this, a vast selection of battery springs and dimples in tin plated steel or beryllium copper, as well as battery snaps & crocodile clips, and WSL offers an extensive collection. 

However, customised parts or individually designed and manufactured items, subject to minimum quantities, are also available to meet unusual needs.

BNC (Bayonet Nut Connector)

The widely used Emuden multi-gang BNC connectors remain at the heart of our range.

Available in four types; straight or right angled, both also switched as an option. 

These are fitted into housings, varying from single to five gang. All variants available with or without an EMI shield plate fitted. 

In addition, there is now a space saving dual height assembly, to which we have added our own dual height BNC & SVHS combination socket. 

Plus, we also stock a selection of the more popular standard products and can also offer a range of accessories, including moulded leads, making WSL your one-stop shop for all your BNC parts.

DC Jacks

Our comprehensive selection of DC power jack sockets, includes items from well known manufacturers such as EST/Marushin, Hosiden and Kunming.

DIN connectors

All popular configurations from 3 to 8 pin, chassis or PCB mount sockets, can be supplied. 

Plus mating metal or plastic plugs, with or without latching facility or, as previously described, fully moulded leads.

Mains Connectors

We stock a selection of the most popular mains connectors, including ranges from Kautt & Bux and Sun Avenue of screw-fit or snap-in mains inlets and outlets, chassis or PCB mount, some with built in fuseholder or switch.

Separate fuseholders from Emuden & EDK are also offered, plus re-wireable C19 & C20 plugs and cable-mount sockets.

RF connectors

From commercial/domestic grade PAL & F to high quality SMA, SMB, mini UHF, TNC, FME and N connectors, we can offer comprehensive ranges from Lynics, Kai Jack and S-Conn.

Also available, loop & di-pole AM/FM aerials.

Signal Leads

One of the specialist fields of Westside Supplies is the production and design of customised signal leads. Whether you require one of our designs for your application or you wish us to produce cables to your design, then the drawing, tooling, samples approval and then production are a breeze

Telecom Products

WSL can offer a comprehensive range of telephone and telecommunications jack plugs and sockets. Within our catalogue we have a full selection of popular single, multi-way and dual height RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45 connectors, plus many special and individual parts.

In addition to the standard jacks, we have an extensive selection of jacks with integrated magnetics designed to support Network Interface Cards (NIC), LAN on Motherboard (LOM), Hubs and Switches, and also PoE function. The sockets meet or exceed IEEE 802.3 standard, and are suitable for CAT5 and CAT6.

All our parts at WSL are RoHS compliant.

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