You cannot build a company on poor information, out of date, badly structured, inaccurate data

THAT STOPS you finding more similar customers.

Not spending money and maximising current data can save hundreds if not thousands of pounds. It can eliminate wasted time, wasted communication to changed or non existent or duplicated records. Once cleaned, a correct profile of potential clients can be projected and new accurate, guaranteed, legal and highly relevant prospects can be provide.

Finally email services we provide are based on good sales communication and not pretty designs.


Unless you maximise your current clients and then investigate weaknesses, which you can then strengthen, WHY spend more money when your current clients can give you so much more.

Make note that over 14% of consumer move house each year, 30%+ businesses move every year,

1.3 million births per year, Database generally decay at over 33% per year, Contacts move regularly. The Telephone Preference file increases at over 3000 changes per year . Just a few facts proving how essential it is to keep your database updated.


Looking at your current clients, ensuring they are still in business, updating contact names, telephone  numbers and emails, adding all that information,( if missing ), allows you to maximise potential. Without an accurate database time and money are wasted, communication is ineffective and no base exists on which to build and develop.


One revolution of the clock will bring you savings of hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Have a look at the journey that DATACLOCK will take you up on.  Just go to www.whichlist2 and enter DATACLOCK from the displayed icons.


Cleaning a database is essential to effectively using data collected on current customers. If records are not formatted in a standard way, contain duplicates or records have changed or gone out of business, a company can be wasting both money and time.


How much information is known about each client record. Is it up to date and what pieces of data are missing. By appending current and accurate information e.g emails and telephone numbers, the database can become alive, effective and useful.


New rules and legislation is increasing in the use of permission based communication. it is vitally important a company ensures records are updated and correct permission obtainmed before communication with any record held on database.


When searching for mailing lists, you can become overwhelmed with an abundance of available data. How do you choose and on what basis? Have you the time to research and the knowledge to differentiate and compare all the direct marketing lists. WHICHLIST2 has both knowledge and experience. In one quote we can provide you with the most applicable list at the best prices. No hassle just honest and experienced advice from people who have spent years in the industry.


If you do find a weakness, or you need more clients with exactly the same profile that have a benefit in buying your products, then you can start 2017 with a set of clients that are accurate, active, legally compliant and bespoke to the profile of your current customers.


People in a business receive hundreds of emails per week. Sadly many are irrelevant to the person in whose inbox it arrives. It is vitally important when choosing a business email list to determine if it contains generic data, personal data and what position that contact holds as a job position. We can provide highly targeted contacts at guaranteed business addresses complete with emails and telephone numbers. Over 2400 business types, geographical location and company size.


The most significant aspect of current consumer email lists are the legal requirements placed on the lists themselves. Has the recipient opted to receive emails from a third party or unknown sender. If they have, is a date recorded on that agreement. There is considerable effort being brought onto suppliers and list owners who do not adhere to the legal issues of a consumer email list.

Our lists are legally compliant, opted in, accurate, guaranteed and pinpoint targeted. With over 36 million records and 400 selections.


Communicate effectively. An email exercise is about creating relationships that are built on information, benefits leading to trust and respect. It is not just about selling.


Email marketing is a fast and effective way to go straight to your selected target market. We provides a range of services to ensure it is also hassle free. An email campaign thoroughly thought and professionally executed can provide excellent results

It is essential however that emailing is not regarded as a cheap and miracle route to market. To know the exact market or contact and to prepare a message based on understanding the potential prospect’s needs is the first step. Spending time on the specific objectives that you require from the exercise and making that clear to the prospect is important. Finally calculating a pragmatic approach to possible open rates and click through rates can save disappointment.

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