Wilki Engineering Manufacturers


Wilki Engineering was  established in 1972 and  has been manufacturing standard and bespoke shredding machines for many applications ever since. We realised that there was also a demand for additional equipment to work in conjunction with our various range of shredders. The company has moved on to the manufacture of Bagging Balers for use in the Animal Bedding industry for Wood shavings, Hemp, Paper, Cardboard, Textiles and various other products.

The system comprises of one Wilki 600 TCD Shredding and dicing machine which processes the paper or cardboard into the required particle size 16mm x 20mm as standard but other sizes can be made to suit the customers requirements.

The product is conveyed and weighed to 20kg loads and compacted into a poly-wrapped bales.The bale is compacted to produce flat sides for easy stacking and transport.

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