Will and Hahnenstein GmbH


For nine decades the name WILL & HAHNENSTEIN has been standing for thermal equipment and transportation devices in all areas of the chemical industry in Germany, Europe, Asia and America.

Modern measuring and control technology, mechanical chargers, suction and gassing pipes, moisture regulators, and especially energy-saving and optimised heaters are standard components of WILL & HAHNENSTEIN thermal equipment, making it suitable for almost every application.

The history of WILL & HAHNENSTEIN GmbH is characterized by commitment to continuous improvement and an increasing specialization. Founded in 1919 as a metals and tools trade, the company's portfolio was soon extended to mechanical conveying equipment and, in the 1950s, to thermal equipment.

Heat Technology

High quality and individual solutions in heat technology

We started with immersion heaters and electrical or steam driven drum heaters before developing fully automatic heat treatment equipment with mechanical loading and discharging functions. Today, the company's portfolio comprises the entire spectrum of heat technology and related handling systems.

The durability and safety of WILL & HAHNENSTEIN devices is completed by an extensive service range including spare parts supply, local maintenance and commissioning, modernization and conversion concepts (e.g. ATEX retrofit or control system upgrade) as well as documentation services (e.g. CE-conforming documentation for older units).

Heat Technology


Our qualified personnel in all departments, ranging from management to sales, construction, and production, committedly works to ensure that our name continues standing for proven quality and modern construction combined with optimal adjustment to the customer’s requirements.

Our products:
• heat chambers
• drum tippers
• heating elements
• drying cabinets
• barrel handling equipment
• cask fittings
• cask taps
• drum heaters
• industrial immersion heaters
• melt tanks

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