William Blythe Ltd

Individual plants whose scale ranges from tens of tonnes of specialitiy chemicals, to thousands of tonnes of bulk products, are located on our two original sites. The basic raw materials such as chlorine, acids, ammonia and sulphur are handled in bulk. In house effluent treatment on both sites enables William Blythe to remain ahead of modern environmental requirements.

Church Site
Our Church site manufactures metal salts based on arsenic, copper, tin and zinc, which are produced together with a range of speciality inorganic iodine derivatives. Major investment and development is underway to add new high purity products based on the existing range of metals processed. New products based on other elements are also being developed. Premium quality raw materials together with metal bearing waste-streams are processed to make high grade inorganic chemicals. This site offers customers an integrated service based on cost effective regeneration of waste-streams wherever possible.

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