We provide a range of online browser-based CRM solutions and are committed to offering our clients cloud hosted CRM software for sales, marketing and administration systems.

We have a wealth of experience and our development teams ensure our customers have the right resources and hosted CRM solutions to tackle their requirements and provide optimum performance and reliability. We have supplied CRM hosted solutions for a variety of sectors including education and employer engagement.

Cloud Hosted CRM

We have been offering cloud hosted CRM since 1998 and have many successful installation projects to our name. Our cloud hosted CRM applications offer total control over who can see the records on your system. You can set the layout for every department and type of record and then establish who has authorised access.

Low Cost UK Based CRM

Being a low cost UK based CRM company, we are not funded by venture capital and can instead focus on providing outstanding value at competitive, low prices. Our low cost UK based CRM licensing provides you with your own software with no expiry or compulsory support or maintenance.

Our range of packages allows you to have control over your CRM solutions and decide when you want an update, and you benefit from low cost of ownership in the industry.

Free CRM Trial

Our qualified engineers are here to help you understand what makes our hosted CRM solutions so simple to use. With our free CRM trial you can see just how intuitive the system is.

Your free CRM trial can also include a personal walk through of a system. Contact us today and an engineer will be on hand to assist you at a time convenient for you.


Working with a diversity of other companies we are able to implement a range of complex CRM / ERP / EDI systems into organisations handling multiple orders every day.

Our CRM / ERP / EDI solutions can integrate a company's call centres, bar coding, stock control, shipping and accounts. A variety of vertical market solutions consist of telecoms, sales and pharmaceutical.

Integrated Voice IVR Systems

If you have a multitude of phone calls relating to a numerical based data such as invoices, delivery dates and standing orders then an integrated voice IVR system could be highly beneficial to you.

We have various integrated voice IVR systems available for different requirements and our professional engineers are on hand to help you development the right solution and integrate a high performing IVR solution. 

CRM For Schools

Our CRM for schools solutions provide school administrators with a system to improve learning environments and keep costs down. CRM for schools will quickly generate correspondence and marketing. It can be targeted to teachers, community leaders, donors, and parents.

CRM for schools include a wealth of key features including tracking of students, teachers and parents to ensure no information is lost via communication. Our systems will save you time and through many automated procedures improve your workflow.

Main features also include:

  • Track student, teacher, parent, and donor communication, regardless of channel helps ensure nothing falls through the cracks
  • Assist with teacher recruiting and retention
  • Attract high-quality teachers via easy-to-implement recruitment campaigns
  • Automatically send mailings to targeted groups
  • Track responses and automate follow-up tasks directly into the database
  • Prospectus requests from your website that go to the printer as well as directly into the database
  • Alumni donor communication to better engage with top alumni donors
  • At a glance details for any group of contacts, courses, events and employers
  • Maintain accurate communication histories
  • IVR (Voice Integration with the phone) press 1 to check on... press 2 if you want to pay an invoice press 3 for ...
  • Analyze campaign information
  • Identify trends as they happen

CRM For Further Education

Our CRM for further education systems can be integrated into legacy systems in colleges and universities and has a diversity of adaptable business management solutions.

CRM for further education can unify different reporting systems and processes helping to make the most of staff time and resources.

CRM For Franchises

CRM for franchises provide a clear access system with reliable and flexible features to support the way individual franchises work. A reliable CRM will help to drive sales, enhance service, improve growth and reduce overheads.

Our CRM for franchises can be enabled with remote access and accessible from iPhone, HTC or Blackberry so you can work on tasks from anywhere in the world. The flexibility of the systems also allows you to monitor progress, tasks and campaigns and gives you control over appointments, emails, text messages, accounts, and stock levels.

Self Hosted CRM

Our services allow you to edit and manage entire installations and integrate self hosted CRM systems into your databases. If you already have the house skills and resources to manage a self hosted CRM program you are ideally placed to have one of our lowest cost UK online CRM solutions.

The speed of your processor on your web server is the key element when considering the performance of a self hosted CRM solution. Your server specifications will also depend on the size of your database, number of users and installed applications.

Email Marketing Tools

Our email marketing tools are perfect if you want to get a list of customers from a client website or extract a list of prospects. Email marketing tools will check if emails are correctly formatted, if the domain name exists and then query the mail server to see if the email account is valid.

This information is then updated accordingly and keeps your records up to date, saving you time and avoiding time consuming email traffic.

Outlook CRM Solutions

Outlook CRM solutions allow you to attach emails sent from your Outlook account to the central CRM database. Emails and multiple emails from Outlook are automatically attached to the record and turns Outlook into an enhanced, logical management tool, improving the filing and saving of emails.

Outlook CRM solutions allow you to:

  • Treat emails in the same way you would contractual paperwork
  • Email compliance - have a complete audit trail of emails sent and received attached the contact record within WiredContact
  • Even non WCE users need use this tool
  • WiredContact Outlook Integration works with Microsoft® Outlook® 2002/2003/2007

CRM For Dynamic Sales People

CRM for dynamic sales people provide better resources and timely reminders to improve conversion ratios and support focused and central marketing efforts. Our CRM for dynamic sales people take the best qualities from a sales person and combine them into a high performing software system.

CRM for dynamic sales people allows you to reduce time in the office and spend more time engaging with customers and prospects. It tracks sales opportunities, monitors levels and indications of interest and is able to follow up new enquiries in a consistent manner. The software also controls access to specific accounts and offers enhanced solutions for superior after sales care.

CRM For Local Government

CRM for local government solutions make it easier for organisations to communicate with one another and they are specially designed to meet the demands of organisations managing relationships with the public.

CRM for local government help to support these essential organisations and deliver an increased level of service in the communities they serve.

Our CRM solutions are ideal for agencies dealing with multiple assistance programs and benefit areas including: 

  • Carers
  • Learning Disability
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Disability
  • Sensory Disability
  • Self Directed Support
  • Child Care
  • Back to Work

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