Wireless Excellence Ltd


Wireless Excellence is the designer and manufacturer of the CableFree range of products for high performance wireless connectivity. CableFree products include Free Space Optics (FSO), OFDM Radio, Licensed Microwave, Millimeter-Wave, WiMAX and WiFi. We have customer installations in over 65 countries worldwide. CableFree: Wireless Excellence is based in the UK, with a global channel network of distribution and reseller partners.  The CableFree range of products include:

MIMO OFDM Broadband Radios 2-6GHz
Millimeter Wave Radios (MMW) 60GHz & 70GHz E-Band
Licensed Microwave Radios (MW) 6-38GHz
Free Space Optics (FSO, Optical Wireless)
WiFi Hotspots & Centralised WiFi
WiMAX Platforms 802.16d/e
Network Management Systems
Wireless Deployment and Planning Tools

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