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We are UK-based book publishing company specialising on helping self publishers. We offer the finest service amongst self publishing and online book publishing companies.

We are a book publisher, not a literary agency. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts or submissions. All of our book publishing is done in the United Kingdom.

Print On Demand Book Publishers

We are a print on demand book publisher. Whether it be one book or hundreds, we can help you navigate through the book publising process. We offer an in-depth consultation to help you turn your hard work into the book of your dreams.

In addition to our print on demand service, we will publicise your book with the professional writing of your release, media targeting and distribution to all relevant UK media contacts.

Print On Demand Book Publishers

Book Cover Design

We offer you the professional expertise of the right graphic designer to design your book's cover. We only use the best sub-contract book cover and book jacket designers.

At Writersworld, we have the required book cover design skills to do the important task of the one-glimpse-and-it-sells test for the cover of your book. Please contact us for more details.

Book Cover Design

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