Wuhan Z-micro Unite S and T Co Ltd.


Wuhan Z-micro Unite S&T Co.,Ltd.which is located in Wuhan East Lake, High-Tech Development Zone, is mainly engaged in superfine grinding technology in TCM field and manufacturing kinds of konjac sponge. Our konjac sponges are based on a number of technical and scientific research institutes and colleges in this zone. Our product is green, safe and nonirritating.No bactericide, no preservatives and no chemical additives such as formaldehyde are added. And they do not contain aromatic and coloring agent either.   
We have an experienced and creative in-house design team in ensuring at all times the advancement and quality of our catalogue products as well as custom-made products of any specifications required by our demanding customers.   
As a leading producer in the line of Konjac sponge(100% natural) over 8 years in China.  

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