Welcome to Xcam

Xcam is a spinout from the world class X-ray Astronomy group at Leicester University in the UK. We have gained expertise through a series of X-ray astronomy projects and applied it for our customers in the astronomy, fusion, defence, industrial, medical, synchrotron and analytical instrumentation sectors.
  • Tailored CCD camera systems for use at X-ray, UV and optical wavelengths, for imaging, spectroscopy and photon-counting for use in scientific and industrial applications.
  • Sub-systems, detector test services, system design and prototyping services and research in the use of detector technology for innovative applications.
Our background enables us to offer unique and innovative technical solutions:
  • Cameras based upon large area chips
  • Photon-counting X-ray spectroscopy with deep depletion chips
  • Fast optical/UV spectrometer systems with parallel image readout
  • Innovative and unique imaging and sampling modes
High Resolution X-ray Imaging

XCAM X-ray imaging technology offers unparalleled choice for your scientific application. The information below is provided to give a sample of what we can offer, but we can tailor any system to your requirements. The possible options for chips scintillators, entrance windows, to name but a few components, are too varied to tabulate. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

XCAM X-ray Imaging systems provide:
  • High Resolution, up to 35┬Ám FWHM for indirect detection
  • Indirect or direct detection of X-rays for optimization of the detection system response to your requirement
  • Cryogen-free thermoelectric cooling, with supplementary water-cooling
  • A selection of entrance windows are available for optimal transmission at your energy range of interest
  • 12, 14 or 16 bit digitisation
  • 5 electrons rms noise, depending on CCD type
  • Full software control of your system including, readout parameters, binning and windowing modes
Detector Consultancy

Xcam offers detector consultancy services, including the selection, characterisation and optimisation of CCD detectors. Please contact us for further details. We have strong links with CCD chip manufacturers such as e2v Technologies as well as Brunel University, the UK Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) and the European Space Agency (ESA). These academic and industrial links allow us to retain our innovative engineering capability and access facilities around the world.

Custom Solutions and OEMs

X-ray, UV and optical cameras usually form part of a larger scientific or analytical instrument. We are used to working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop the camera assembly for high-specification instruments.

Our specific expertise is in:
  • Chip selection and relationships with detector manufacturers
  • Electronics design
  • Camera system integration
  • Optimisation of performance
  • Novel readout/sampling strategies

XCAM Ltd. Overview