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XCEL Power Systems are at the forefront of design and manufacture of low voltage and high voltage switch mode custom power supplies.

The majority of our customers operate in the defence, aerospace, medical, transport, and telecommunications markets and use our products in a variety of harsh environment.

XCEL Power Systems have a mission to meet and exceed our customer's expectations and create a culture focused on the client and where employees are genuinely empowered.

Avionics Solutions

We have over 53 years of experience in the design and manufacture of switch-mode PSUs for avionic solutions.

We provide a full validation and design service to the most vigorous requirements of international standards. We also provide for military avionics solutions and equipment including input filtering to Mil Std 704 and EMC compliance to Mil Std 461. 

Avionics Solutions

Medical Products

We are able to design switch mode power supplies to the very highest safety specifications and create highly reliable products.

Our experience in providing encapsulation techniques, thermal management, and high levels of isolation within power supply designs are essential in meeting the complex requirements of medical products.  

Medical products include low power patient-connected equipment, high power and low noise requirements for x-ray and magnetic resonance scanners.

Medical Products

Land Based and Seaborne Products

We have designed an extensive range of military PSUs for land based and seaborne products.

Our switch-mode power supplies, in land based and seaborne products, represent just a small cross section, with multiple input and output combinations, high reliability targets and designs to meet the most demanding environmental conditions.

Land based and seaborne applications include: 

  • Thermal Imaging Equipment
  • Radar Power Systems
  • Portable Mission Computers
  • Communications Systems
Land Based and Seaborne Products

Telecommunications Solutions

Our telecommunications solutions include typical features such as:

  • Input of 85 V AC to 270 V AC @ 45 ~ 65 Hz
  • 80 percent Efficiency at Full Load
  • Over-Voltage and Current Protection
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Rack Mountable

Our telecommunications solutions are often used for roadside cabinets using fibre optic and cable and local distribution networks.

Telecommunications Solutions

Transport Solutions

We have 20 years experience in the designing, developing and manufacturing high-quality, reliable power supplies for transport solutions in harsh environments.

Our products and transport solutions are in use on major transportation projects including the New Jersey Transit, Chicago Transit and the Mexico Trolley Bus.


 Applications: Flat Battery Start Panels , Inverter equipment , Auxiliary Voltage Supplies.

Transport Solutions

Wound Components

We manufacture reliable wound components many destined for XCEL Power Systems' Switch Mode PSU for military and aerospace applications.

In addition to wound component, we support a growing external customer base and specialise in low to medium volume runs of complex windings. We provide this for high frequency switching, transformers, high tolerance inductors and three phase assemblies.

Wound Components


We are supported by a global network of world-class suppliers and partners and have a superb reputation for procurement, product performance and quality.

Our suppliers have to provide the very highest standards of service and product to ensure procurement is able to meet the exacting requirements of our chosen markets.


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