Xiamen GBS Optronics Co Ltd

Xiamen GBS Optronics  is a Chinese leading company for pressure sensitive adhesive products in the Industrial , Healthcare and Automotive sectors based in Xiamen,  in the eastern coastal of China.

Our targeted markets:

Industrial: GBS Optronics has recognized expertise in the design and manufacturing of “custom-made” adhesives for industrial applications (graphic arts, optical, construction...)

Automotive: GBS Optronics  has been active for decades as tier one supplier to prominent Car Manufacturers. GBS Optronics leverages its expertise of self-adhesives to offer solutions for dozens of applications including door watershields, acoustic solutions, surface protection, wire harnesses and cable protection, technical labeling and the likes.

Healthcare: GBS Optronics brings 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of tape based medical devices.

Xiamen GBS Optronics has been awarded ISO 9001 for its commitment towards sustainable development. Additionally, we offer innovative, safe and sustainable adhesives that meet industry regulations and reduce production downtime, saving customers time and money. GBS Optronics has received recognition around the world for our smart, dynamic solutions that solve issues and address otherwise unmet needs. 

Xiamen GBS Optronics Co Ltd Overview