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SCADA systems are divided into three categories:

Regarding reporting, SCADA systems produce large quaitities of data, so how to present it in the simplest and most friendly fashion is imperative to the success of the system. We have provided numerous systems by working closely with our clients to determine particular requirements.

As experienced SCADA systems engineers we also have unrivalled experience in choosing the most useful data which will ensure the highest value to our clients.

Siemens S7 PLC programmers

Xybella are Siemens S7 PLC programmers and we provide detailed expertise via our software engineers. They are able to configure the whole Siemens range of control equipment to detail and implement working solutions.

As Siemens S7 PLC programmers our solutions cover:

  • S7 200 / S7-200
  • S7 300 / S7-300
  • S7 400 / S7-400
Siemens S7 PLC programmers

Allen Bradley PLC programmers

Xybella's Allen Bradley PLC  programmers, developers and software engineers have a broad range of experience on the complete range of Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation equipment.

These include:

  • ControlLogix
  • CompactLogix
  • GuardLogix
  • FlexLogix
  • SLC
  • PLC5
Allen Bradley PLC programmers

Mitsubishi PLC programmers

Xybella's Mitsubishi programmers have a excellent understanding of automation software across the whole range of Mitsubishi equipment.

This includes;

  • System Q / Q series
  • FX series
  • A series
Mitsubishi PLC programmers

Schneider Telemecanique Modicon PLC programmers

Xybella's Schneider Telemecanique Modicon programmers cover the range PLC controllers including:

  • Modicon Quantum
  • Modicon Momentum
  • Modicon Premium
  • Modicon M340
  • Modicon Micro
  • Twido
  • Modicon 984 A120
  • Modicon 984 800
  • Zelio smart relays
Schneider Telemecanique Modicon PLC programmers

Omron PLC programmers

Xybella's Omron PLC programmers use Omron CX One software to program the following:

  • CS1 series
  • CJ1 series
  • CPM1 series
  • CP1 series
Omron PLC programmers

Control Systems

Our experience and skill when dealing with control systems is extensive due to years of practical industry applications.

Our team of engineers create internationally recognised drawings using best practice. Our two main areas of control systems expertise is in the electrical field where we provide solutions for turnkey control panels, motor control centres and motor starter panels and PLC's and controllers. Our engineers have a pre-configured and detailed portfolio of extensively tested solutions to apply to any issue or requirement.

Control Systems

PLC developers, programmers and software engineers

We are expert PLC SCADA developers, programmers and software engineers.

PLC programming can be split into two areas: address based and tag based. Our programmers have unrivalled experience and expertise in using software from large manufacturers.

Our PLC programming experience includes working with:

  • Siemens
  • Allen Bradley
  • Omron
  • Mitsubishi
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon
PLC developers, programmers and software engineers

Industrial Software

We supply a number of industrial software solutions across a range of applications.

Our industrial software options include:

  • HMI systems
  • Visual basic (VB) and visual basic for applications (VBA) - when a unique solution is needed, we can design develop and deliver applications
  • Databases - we offer solutions from Microsoft and Oracle
  • Web/Intranet - indepth e-commerce solutions provided utilising the latest technology
Industrial Software

SCADA Programmers

Our engineers are SCADA developers and programmers and have years of experience and knowledge in full range of SCADA software systems.

Our SCADA programmers have unrivalled experience in the following:

  • Rockwell RSView32 and FTView
  • Siemens WinCC
  • Wonderware  Intouch
  • GE IP Proficy iFix, Cimplicity and FIX32
  • Schneider Citect
  • Tascomp Prodigy
SCADA Programmers

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