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Keeping Warm in Winter – Is Your Home Haemorrhaging Heat?

For most people, the arrival of the winter months triggers a kneejerk reaction where the heating goes up, the lights stay on and energy bills go through the roof. Unfortunate in every respect, but at the same time inevitable…or so the attitude assumes. The funny thing is though, you’d be surprised just how big a difference you can make to your home, your comfort and your wallet by leaving complacency to one side and getting busy with a few simple tips. And we’re not talking about remodelling your entire home either – there’s so much you can do without spending a fortune and without trashing the place.


Did you know that the vast majority of heat loss around the home happens through the windows? Even if you’ve gone for the best double glazing out there and you keep them closed pretty much around the clock, you still stand to lose so much of the precious energy you’re paying for.

So in the spirit of keeping warm in winter and trying not to bleed your bank balance dry, consider investing in insulation window film that’s not only affordable, but has the potential to make a real difference. Apply the film to standard windows and any other external glazing and you’ll benefit from much more of the heat inside the room being reflected back, rather than stolen by the outside. It’s perfectly possible to reduce loss of heat by a full 35%, which makes a huge difference you’ll feel.

And what’s more, the same film also helps shut-out the overbearing heat of the sun during the summer months and limits the need for AC use – energy savings all year-round!

Upgrade and Enhance

Of course, you’ll never reap the full benefit of these kinds of products unless you’re also using the most advanced glazing on the market, which has the potential to revolutionise the way you heat your home. Specifics vary depending on the size of the property, but studies have shown that you WILL save on average hundreds of pounds every year…cash that could effectively pay for the whole refit.

In any and all cases, it’s vital to ensure that the inevitable heat-loss all glazing is guilty of is controlled and minimised as much as possible – you’d be surprised how much difference the right curtains, blinds and nets can make. As you would with your clothing, think in layers and put up a couple of more lines of defence to isolate heat loss to less-populated zones of the home only.

Draft Exclusion

Last but not least, the second biggest drain on your home’s heat is no other than those seemingly innocent little gaps and cracks around your external doors.

Depending on the severity of the gaps, a lofty 30% of all the heat your home loses could be slipping right out your doors each day – pretty tragic when it’s so easy to prevent. All you need is some caulking and cheap weather-stripping to lock the cold air out and the warm air in – you really will not believe the difference it makes in an instant. For a range of heating proucts including Biomass Boilers, Domestic Boilers, Designer Radiators and much more, visit our website.

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