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Ytron-Quadro, established in 1984, provide equipment and process solutions as sole UK representatives for a number of manufacturing companies worldwide. Ytron-Quadro specialise in providing process equipment for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical industries through their 25 years of experience in the field of particle size reduction, mixing and powder incorporation technology.

Ytron-Quadro's technology based solutions to processing requirements for the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries are based on many years of experience within the processing industry.

Originally supplying particle size reduction and vacuum conveying equipment from Quadro Engineering and liquid mixing and air free powder incorporation systems from Ytron GmbH, our capabilities now cover a much wider range of process technologies.

Raw material batch sampling devices for powders and liquids complements the abilities of Powder processing and powder incorporation systems which can then be further sampled for QA analysis using the in process sampling devices.

Gel, Cream and paste manufacturing using rotor stator systems both in line and within vacuum mixing vessels enhances our capabilities in a wide range of process industries.

Size Reduction

Ytron-Quadro has specialised in size reduction since its inception. With extensive experience of dry powder dissaglomeration, fine grinding and wet mass delumping as well as particle and emulsion size reduction through high shear processors enable us to find the ideal process solution for your application.....

  • Quaddro COMIL
  • Quadro F10 Fine Grind
  • Quadro FlexSift
  • VMI Rayneri TRILAB
  • Ytron Z


The Ytron range of liquid/liquid and powder liquid mixing systems are used as standard amongst many food and pharmaceutical applications and their use is being extended to all areas where precise air free mixing is required. This range is complimented by the VMI Rayneri range of vacuum mixing systems for production of creams pastes and gels

Powder Incorporation

Liquid and powder mixing presents many problems including the difficulty of powder handling and wetting powders. These difficulties are eliminated with the Ytron range of mixing and powder incorporation devices that can be used for batch, continuous and recirculating systems.

Powder and Liquid Sampling

Accurate and safe sample taking is essential to understanding product quality in a great many applications. Labocontrole specialise in developing sampling systems for raw materials and in process samples.

Powder and Capsule Handling

Quadro Engineering continue to innovate in the realm of powder handling with the introduction of the S20 Sifter for security screening to compliment the Quadro QVac powder and tablet transfer, as well as the Empty and Filled Capsule Conveyor systems.

Cream and Paste Mixing

Ytron-Quadro can provide a range of methods to suit your manufacturing requirements, including the VMI Rayneri TRIMIX vacuum mixing system with high shear rotor stator and the Ytron range of mixing and powder incorporation devices.

Security Screening

Protection of equipment and products from rogue materials is essential in most industries. Tramp materials such as nuts, bolts and bag ties or hardened product lumps can be efficiently and effectively captured using the Quadro FlexSift in both dispensing and production environments


Ytron-Quadro offer a range of methods for size reduction of solid/liquid and liquid /liquid premixes for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical processes, using either rotor stator systems in line or as part of in-tank processing.

Laboratory Scale Equipment

Small scale equipment is an essential part of product development and the full range of equipment offered by Ytron-Quadro is available for laboratory work that can be scaled to full production equipment.

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