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We have been manufacturing hose clips and similar products since 1978. We are a BS EN ISO9001 certified manufacturer and our wide range of stock including heavy duty hose clamps.

We can provide you with many different options in heavy duty hose clamps including:

  • Uniclips - heavy duty bolted hose clamps
  • Quick release band clamps
  • Ydnac double wire hose clamps
  • SUPRA - hose clamps

Hose Clips

Our manufacturing and supply service for hose clips and other similar and related products is extensive. We have built upon our expertise, knowledge and manufacturing ability for over three decades, and can comfortably promote ourselves as industry leaders.

Our hose clips range includes:

  • HERBIE CLIP - the double grip hose clip
  • Jeppe-Screw type hose clamps
  • Spirofil hose clamps
  • SUPRA CT - hose clamps
Hose Clips

'O' Clips

As a leading clips manufacturer, our product range comes with the guarantee of quality and durability. This promise extends to our range of single and double eared 'O' clips, or crimp clips.

With the 'O' clips, the ears are crimped down to make a firm seal. They are tamper proof and permanent. No special tools are required to fit.

'O' Clips

'P' Clips

We manufacture 'P' clips, available in both zinc plated and Stainless steel. Various band-widths can be produced with our 'P' clips, with diameters starting at 3mm. E.P.D.M.

They have rubber lined or plain metal. Their fixing holes are sized from 6mm up to 13.5mm. Thicker material is used to eliminate the need of strengthening the washers.

'P' Clips

Worm Drive Clamps

Part of our vast product range includes worm drive clamps. Our immense manufacturing capabilities allow us to create and supply many different designs and this service extends to our range of worm drive clamps.

Models include:

  • High performance worm drive clamps
  • Military worm drive clamps
  • Full size 9-16" worm drive clamps
Worm Drive Clamps

Quick Release Clips

Our clamps and other similar products are suitable for a multitude of applications across many industry sectors. They can even be used for home use.

Quick release clips are indispensable for “closed” systems where the clamp must be disengaged to be fitted. The swivel-action locking of screw to band in these quick release clips makes both installation and removal fast and easy.

Quick Release Clips

Spring Clips

Quick fitting, reliable and easy to use, our spring clips are pretensioned and are able to be fitted manually.

The spring clips are available in the open condition using the ‘Pull Tab’ system, often utilised in the automotive industry. Pull the tab and the clip snaps shut. These spring clips also have a highly corrosive-resistant finish.

Spring Clips
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