Since its foundation in 1992, ZESTRON has developed into the world's market and innovation leader for cleaning agents and processes for SMT electronics (pcbs, stencils, screens, solder frames, condensation traps, reflow ovens), power electronics & packages as well as analytical services, such as pcb cleaninliness analysis and cleaning bath monitoring.

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ZESTRON has supplied complete solutions for pcb and electronic cleaning from a single source for 25 years, and has achieved world market leadership and the trust of many international customers.

Fast and Independent from manufacturer, our experienced ZESTRON process engineers narrow down the number of different machines from more than 60 on the market to just 2-4 machines that are suitable for you to compare. Non-binding, in writing and within 2 working days. And that’s a promise!

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Compare Cleaning Machines Before You Buy

SMT Electronics Cleaning

ZESTRON offers cleaning chemistry and process solutions across the entire assembly process to remove flux residues, adhesive, solder paste and coatings of:

  • PCB                                                               
  • Misprints
  • SMT stencils, screens
  • Solder pallets
  • Reflow ovens and wave soldering ovens
  • Condensation traps
  • Squeegees
  • Dispensing needles
SMT Electronics Cleaning

Power Electronics Cleaning

For best results on shear tests, power cycling as well as properly prepared substrates for any subsequent bonding and molding processes of:

Power Electronics Cleaning

Cleaning of Packages

For the optimal defluxing after pre-balling, i.e. the solder bump reflow process to guarantee a flawless image resolution free of streaks and particles for:

Cleaning of Packages

Process Optimization Products

For process monitoring of your wash bath as well as for the analysis of your cleaning results we offer following products:

Bath monitoring / Concentration measurement:

  • ZESTRON EYE for online real-time concentration measurement
  • Bath Analyzer Kits for manual concentration measurement

Surface analysis of PCBs:

  • ZESTRON Flux Test to detect flux and activator residues
  • ZESTRON Resin Test to detect resin residues
Process Optimization Products

Process Support & Services

Looking at the cleaning process in its entirety has first priority for ZESTRON. Therefore, with our 7 Technical and affiliated Analytical Centers world-wide and local teams of process engineers in  Europe, the USA, East- and South China, Malaysia and Japan, we offer the possibility to conduct cleaning trails under field conditions.

Please contact Mr. Steve Collier, Sales Manager for UK and Ireland, for dedicated advice or an appointment to discuss:-

  • Cleaning applications
  • Cleaning tests
  • Development and optimisation of your cleaning process
  • Surface cleanliness analysis
  • Analysis of your wash bath
Process Support & Services


With the ZESTRON Academy we created the leading knowledge and expertise platform for electronics cleaning. We provide trainings - face-to-face or online, lectures and Technology Coachings. Our principles are oriented towards real life scenarios and our work flows focus on our reliability and ability to integrate into operations.

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