Zhejiang Peptites Biotech Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Peptites Biotech Co.Ltd,China(Hereafter as ZPC China) is one of the largest peptide manufacturer in the world.ZPC China has a GLP certified R&D center (about 3000 square meters) and a cGMP manufacturing site(Phase 1 into operation near 15000 square meters;phase 2 in construction about 60000 square meters) .Our peptide have been exported to USA,Europe,South America,South Korea and Japan etc.Our facility is China GMP certified and would accept EU-GMP or US FDA audit between 2021 and 2022.Our product and service include:


API for Human Drug

Liraglutide,Semaglutide,Leuprolide Acetate,Linaclotide,Plecanatide,Etelcalcetide,Teduglutide,Abalopratide, Desmopressin,Terlipressin,Teriparatide Acetate,Oxytocin,Carbetocin,Otreotide


API for Veterinary Drug

Oxytocin,Gonadorelin Acetate,Buserelin Acetate,Deslorelin Acetate, Gosereline,Otreotide


Peptide Ingredients for Cosmetic and Personal Care Market

Copper peptide,Acetyl hexapeptide-8/ Argireline,Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 and more.


Custom Peptide and CDMO

We could provide Custom Peptide Synthesis and Modification from preclinical trial to clinical trial phase and Commercial Bacth Supply.Quantity is from milligram scale for research and clinical trial use to multi-kilograms scale for commercialized.

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