Zieker GmbH Mechanische Werkst?tte

Industrial trucks for in-plant transportation: The company Ernst Zieker GmbH offers all kinds of industrial trucks ranging from panel clamping trolleys to transport and lifting rollers, swivel trolleys, harp cars, screw guides and spinning painting tables.

Chucking vices: Pneumatic chucking tools for external clamping; Quick and powerful fastening; Precise clamping force due to stepless regulation of air pressure

Stair lifts for transporting loads: The electronic stair lift enables one person to move heavy good upstairs and downstairs. Also applicable on spiral staircases!

Our products: Industrial trucks for in-plant transportation, chucking vices, hand-carts, sack trucks, castors and rollers for conveying equipment, stair lifts for transporting loads, stair-climbing hand trucks, collet chucks, special transportation equipment, special screws.

Zieker GmbH Mechanische Werkst?tte Overview