Zikodrive Motor Controllers


We are a UK based company which designs and manufactures programmable stepper motor controllers, compact brushless DC (BLDC) motor controllers. We can supply these with motors and a range of accessories. Our low cost programmable motor controllers can be pre-programmed by us to work in multiple applications.



How we work

Like many companies, we design and manufacture stepper motor drivers and brushless ESCs. However, where we are different is that all of our controllers are customisable to suit your application and we also offer a modification and custom design service. Our aim is to supply the exact stepper motor driver or brushless ESC for your project or application at the price that enables you to quickly get into market and become successful.

1. An 'off the shelf' range which can be quickly programmed and optimised to suit multiple applications.

2. A modification and bespoke design service enabling additional hardware to be quickly developed (for example user interface boards to control certain functions on the controller or plugin boards to work with certain communications protocols).

3. A complete bespoke design service. If none of our standard range will work for your application then we also offer a bespoke design service to develop a new stepper motor driver or brushless ESC. As specialists in motor control we can usually do this faster and at less cost than all of our competitors.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your project and see how we can help save you money, improve your performance and get your project moving.

Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Controllers

We can also supply a range of Brushless DC Motor Controllers (Brushless ESC, Brushless Motor Driver). This range of BLDC ESCs is specifically designed to be compact and boasts exceptional performance in difficult applications such as those requiring hard starts and very low temperatures.Our range of Brushless ESCs is the following:

  • Zikodrive BL2 – a programmable 2A BLDC controller
  • Zikodrive BL5 –  intelligent BLDC motor control up to 5A and 24v.
  • Zikodrive BL10 – provides up to 240w (10A at 24v) of power and can be used with sensored or sensorless brushless DC motors.
  • Zikodrive BL15 – our flagship brushless DC motor controller. Contact us to request a sample or discuss your application today.

As with all Zikodrive Motor Controllers, our range is completely programmable and we offer on-site and remote technical support. Whatever you need to get your project moving, Zikodrive will have the motor controller for you.



Stepper Motor Drivers and Controllers

At Zikodrive Motor Controllers, we supply a wide array of Stepper Motor Drivers and Stepper Motor Controllers. These include;

  • Zikodrive S – A simple low cost, 2A programmable stepper motor driver.
  • Zikodrive S+ - An intelligent programmable stepper motor controller with microstepping and 24-bit speed resolution.
  • ZD range – 128 microstepping programmable stepper motor drivers and controllers available in 2A, 4A, 6A and 10A configurations.
  • ZDLCD range – ZD stepper motor controllers with onboard LCD screen and 4 button interfaces allowing quick set up for non-technical personnel or use as a real time user interface for a variety of applications. Can be custom programmed as required to include brand names and enable as much or as little control as required for your specific application.

All Zikodrive stepper motor drivers and stepper motor controllers are fully programmable. This allows us to programme the stepper motor controller to function exactly as required for your application. If you require a specific interface or control hardware we can quickly design these to provide the functionality you require.



Motion Control Packages and Motors with Integrated Controllers

At Zikodrive Motor Controllers, we can supply a vast range of motion control packages and motors with integrated controllers. These typically range from NEMA 17 to NEMA 34 stepper motors (for example the ZD10N2318 NEMA 23 package) but we can also supply bespoke packages depending on your requirement (please contact us to discuss if you have a specific requirement. We stock a small range of standard motors but we also work with a number of motor manufacturers around the world and can supply the right solution at the right price.



Because of their inherent flexibility and programmability, the Zikodrive range of motor controllers and packages is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Click the link above to view typical applications that Zikodrive Motor Controllers (both stepper motor drivers and brushless ESCs) have been used in. On this page you can also view some case studies of specific applications and historical examples of projects we've worked on and customers we've worked with.

Some examples of the general applications that Zikodrive Motor Controllers are currently being used in is as follows:

Laboratory Mixers (stepper motor drivers and brushless ESCs being used to operate a range of mixers)
Peristaltic Pumps (stepper motor drivers and stepper motor controllers being widely used in peristaltic pumps for their positional accuracy, fine speed resolution and flexible control)
Compressors (brushless ESCs are particularly useful for compressors. By optimising the startup phase of operation, our BLDC ESCs can get the most out of a range of compressors)
Turntables (we have designed customised boards for display turntables and audio turntables).
Display Equipment (fine positioning from ZD range of stepper motor controllers is particularly useful for display applications).
Industrial kitchen Equipment (brushless ESC and stepper motors can be used in a range of equipment from knives to rotisseries)
Dosing Equipment (stepper motor drivers and stepper motor controllers are perfect for dosing applications due to their high positional accuracy and exceptional speed control).
Diaphragm Pumps (brushless ESC and stepper motor drivers can both be used to drive diaphragm pumps).
Model making Applications (the flexibility and programmability of Zikodrive stepper motor drivers and brushless motor drivers enables a wealth of options for model making applications).
Retail and POS Equipment (full progammability of all Zikodrive stepper motor drivers and brushless ESCs means rotating display and POS equipment can quickly be set up).
Gear Pumps (stepper motor controllers and brushless ESCs can be used to operate gear pumps).
Pan and tilt Equipment (fine positional control and speed resolution enable high levels of accuracy with pan and tilt camera equipment).
Dispensers (as with dosing equipment, dispensers can be run accurately and custom programmes set up with all stepper motor drivers and brushless ESCs to ensure exceptional accuracy). In additional optional hardware boards can quickly be designed to control speed, dispensed volume and more).
Audio Turntables (we can design bespoke systems to control audio turntables with exceptional accuracy using encoders and speed monitoring systems to ensure constant speed).
Arcade and Amusement Equipment (flexibility and programmability of brushless ESCs and stepper motor drivers enable Zikodrive Motor Controllers to tailor a range of options to arcade and amusement equipment).
CCTV Equipment
Cutting Equipment (brushless ESC controllers are perfect for cutting equipment where constant speed under variable load is a requirement). Brushless motors and controllers ensure long life and exceptional performance.
Testing and Measuring Equipment (both stepper motor drivers and brushless ESCs can be used in measuring and testing systems - get in touch to discuss your application today).

To discuss your application with an experienced engineer please contact us today.



Quality control is hugely important to us. All our components meet RoHS and WEEE guidelines and are manufactured in the UK. We work directly with customers to find the right solution and if required we can design and manufacture additional hardware to ensure the highest quality outcome for your project. Comprehensive technical support ensures the solution works for you.




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