Witton Chemical Co Ltd

  • Southgate Avenue
  • Mildenhall
  • Bury St Edmunds
  • Suffolk
  • United Kingdom
  • IP28 7AT (map)

  • Tel: 01638 716001
  • Fax: 01638 717658
  • Website: www.witton.com

Chemical Contract Manufacturing

The company specialises in polymerisations, product isolation and drying from flammable solvents, a variety of exothermic reactions plus handling and manufacturing viscous products.

The company has extensive experience of chemical contract manufacturing and chemical toll manufacturing and uses this to effectively develop and scale processes helping to bring new products to the market place quickly. A wide range of plant and equipment, that can be configured to make many different products, is available. With considerable experience in the design and scale up of chemical processes we are able to take new products from the laboratory through to pilot plant trials and on to full scale manufacture, making us a valuable partner when bringing new products to the market place.

Witton has numerous reactors ranging from the small scale 50-400 litres up to 18,000 litres for larger scale processes. All the vessels have steam heated jackets capable of temperatures up to 150°C.

All are fitted with condensers to allow reactions to be run at reflux or set up for distillation if stripping is required. Our reactors are usually cooled using water from the cooling towers but should lower temperatures be required we have a 100KW chiller unit available to allow temperatures down to approx -10° C.

Witton has experience in handling a wide range of materials from corrosive, flammable and viscous materials. Our equipment is capable of handling polymers with viscosities in excess off 100,000cps. All our current plant is compliant with current DSEAR regulations. The majority of reactors are 316 stainless-steel but for more specialised applications we have 3 glass lined reactors with accompanying receivers sized at 220, 5,000, and 13,000 litres. 

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