Bar Supplies

Bar supplies include all the equipment needed to run any type of bar or nightclub. This includes front of house equipment as well as all the tools and accessories used to prepare drinks including beer, wine, spirits and cocktails. Types of bar supplies include glassware, spirit measures, cocktail shakers, ice crushers, ice buckets, wine openers, beer openers, ice trays, ice scoops, ice chippers, blenders, hand juicer, juice extractor, drip trays, table mats, glass mats, shelf liners, bar mats and runners, and cutting boards. Bar supplies are used in hotels, restaurants, function suites, night-clubs, cocktail lounges, cocktail bars, wine bars and pubs.

  • Shop-Equip Ltd 273 Products

  • Cater-Kwik (Caterkwik) 61 Products

  • GM Supplies Ltd 10 Products

  • Connect 2 Promote Ltd 1 Product

  • Portabar 4 Products

  • KiD Catering Equipment 8 Products

  • 247 Catering Supplies 113 Products

  • JDR Branding Ltd 2 Products

  • Picnic Box UK 3 Products

  • Aluline Group 60 Products

  • Thirstys co uk Ltd 10 Products

  • ABC Direct Ltd 225 Products

  • Cater For You Ltd 15 Products

  • IMTC Manufacturing & Trade GmbH 6 Products

  • Kläger Plastik GmbH 1 Product

  • Pattersons (Bristol) Ltd 157 Products

  • Rastal GmbH & Co.KG 1 Product

  • TillSecure Systems 5 Products

  • Zipbar 1 Product

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