Catering Equipment and Supplies

As a caterer, you need supplies and equipment that will withstand heavy commercial use during high volume operations and durable enough to meet industry standards. As a business owner employing staff, you want to provide staff with high-quality refreshments in a cost effective way. A huge range of Catering Equipment and Supplies are available, from the highest quality kitchen equipment finished to industrial standards to a selection of catering supplies for the office or workplace. From Beverage machines, blenders to juice extractors to everyday items such as kettles and water dispensers and larger items such as kitchen and outdoor furniture. Catering Supplies are used in Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Bars, Fast Food Outlets, Schools, Health Clubs, Pubs and Staff Canteens in Industrial Workplaces or Large Offices.

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  1. Beverage Machines
    - 3 Suppliers 834 Products

    Whether serving drinks is your core business or you are providing refreshments to staff, you can be sure that there's a beverage machine to cater for your needs. Quality options are available for most budgets to produce a variety of drinks including Blenders, Coffee and Espresso Machines, Hot Chocolate Machines and many more options.

  2. Catering Furniture
    - 8 Suppliers 2,674 Products

    Catering furniture is used at events such as conferences or banquets and includes items such as chairs, table and buffet tables. Banqueting and event chairs are available in a variety of styles, colours and fabrics in foldable or stackable models. Tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be suitable for either seating guests or displaying food.

  3. Consumables
    - 5 Suppliers 817 Products

    Consumables are part of a range of products that are utilised frequently in commercial eating establishments by customers and staff and require frequent replenishing. These include napkins, tea, coffee, sugar and sauces, hotel disposables like soap, shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste and tooth-brushes, and paper consumables like toilet roll and kitchen roll.

  4. Cooking Equipment
    - 7 Suppliers 2,319 Products

    Cooking equipment includes machines to cook food, such as microwaves, overs, grills, toasty machines, waffle machines, and barbecues. It is also used to describe pots, pans and utensils used in food cooking. Cooking equipment is used in all types of commercial and home kitchens.

  5. Food Preparation Machines
    - 4 Suppliers 850 Products

    Food preparation machines help in the preparation of food, ensuing a kitchen runs more efficiently, consistency is achieved across all dishes, labour is reduced and money is saved. Common types of food preparation machines include mixers, food processors, graters and slicers, vegetable preparers, pasta makers, dehydrators, juicers, spice grinders, ice cream makers, automatic sieves, sausage stuffers and blenders.

  6. Glass and Dishwashers
    - 2 Suppliers 681 Products

    Glass and dishwashers are available in a range of types depending on their requirement, from machines that are good for domestic use to those that can take the manual labour out of washing up after a totally booked-out restaurant.

  7. Kitchenware
    - 6 Suppliers 2,513 Products

    Kitchenware is used in domestic and commercial kitchens to cook, bake, transport and serve food. Types of kitchenware includes appliances, cookware, dishes and utensils – specific types of kitchenware include baking trays, baking moulds, mixing bowls, chopping boards, tongs, graters, salad spinners, peelers, and pizza cutters.

  8. Refrigeration Equipment
    - 3 Suppliers 763 Products

    Refrigeration equipment is uses a thermally insulted comparted combined with a heat pump to preserve the life of food and drink. They are commonly seen in every domestic and commercial equipment but also commonly used in cinemas and supermarkets. The most common types of commercial refrigeration equipment include catering fridges, cold rooms, beer fridges, drink fridges, open fridges and open fridge multidecks.

  9. Serveries and Displays
    - 2 Suppliers 982 Products

    Serveries and displays are used to display food and drink in a pleasing and practical way, whilst ensuring temperatures are regulated. They allow the customer a high-degree of self service and are found in buffet restaurants, snack bars, airports, cinemas, theatres and canteens.

  10. Tableware and Bar Supplies
    - 7 Suppliers 4,584 Products

    Tableware and bar supplies are used in wide array of catering functions including in hotels, restaurants, function suites, night-clubs, and bars. Tableware and bar supplies is all the equipment needed for all front of house catering functions and includes crockery, glassware, cutlery, spirit measures and cocktail shakers.