Floors and Ceilings

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  1. Ceiling Tiles
    - 1 Supplier 1 Product

    Ceiling tiles are most often installed on a metal framework as part of a suspended ceiling that's installed below the actual ceiling. Tiles are available in a variety of sizes to suit most frameworks, with differing acoustic properties and are easy to remove and replace. They are most often used in the construction of offices and commercial buildings.

  2. Coving
    - 1 Supplier 26 Products

    Coving is most often used as a decorative feature and also softens the divide between wall and ceiling. Plaster is the most common material used in the production of ceiling coving due to its ability to be moulded into intricate decorative patterns. It's supplied in lengths that can be easily cut to size to fit most rooms.

  3. Floor Coverings
    - 20 Suppliers 957 Products

    Floor coverings is the term used to describe everything which covers commercial and domestic floors permanently so that they can be walked on. Types of floor coverings include engineered wood, laminates, carpets, rugs, padding, tiles, Bamboo flooring, cork, Vinyl & linoleum, Seamless polymer flooring and Polished screed & synthetic resins.

  4. Floorboards
    - 2 Suppliers 14 Products

    Floorboards are used in domestic properties including retail premises, restaurants, office, and banks. They also feature in domestic homes either directly as a floor surface, or under a floor covering (like a carpet or rug). Common types of floorboards include timber floorboards, laminate floorboards, and engineered floorboards.

  5. Flooring Tiles
    - 9 Suppliers 147 Products

  6. Loft Hatches
    - 3 Suppliers 29 Products

    A loft hatch is a door used to gain access to the loft (a space under the roof which is used as a room or as storage). They are also commonly called doors, attic hatch, and attic doors.

  7. Plasterware
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    Plasterware is a type of plaster mould or cast which is used ornately in homes for the purpose of decoration, it can be formed into a range of types and designs, including florals, stripes and beading. Common types of plasterware include cornicing, fire surrounded and dado rails.

  8. Skirting Boards
    - 4 Suppliers 62 Products

    A skirting board is a wooden board or plastic board which covers the low part of an interior wall in domestic and commercial properties. They serve to cover the joint between wall and floor, whilst protecting the wall from kicks and abrasions.

  9. Suspended Ceilings
    - 4 Suppliers 5 Products

    A suspended ceiling (also often referred to as a dropped ceiling) is a secondary ceiling which hangs below the structural (main) ceiling. They are used to hide pipes and wires, provide insulation or offer ventilation as well as improve acoustics in residential and commercial properties.

  10. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.

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