Fascias are a board or flat piece of material covering the ends of rafters or other fittings. This frieze under the roof edge forms the outer surface of a cornice. It can be used to protect the building by keeping out pests like nesting birds and can also disguise any attic ventilation. It is also part of the system so rain does not enter the building and cause structural damage caused by water. Fascias can be an integral part of the roof built into its design to form a channel for water drainage. Alternatively, it can be glued or nailed into place and used as a base for guttering. A horizontal fascia board is located at the end of the rafters above the soffits or eaves. In some houses the fascia plays a purely aesthetic role and covers up the edge where two levels of materials meet. Traditionally made of wood or aluminium, synthetic materials like UPVC are increasingly being used as they are both durable and easy to maintain. Because of their design, fascias are more likely to be installed on roofs with a pitch. They are also more common in regions with heavier rainfall. Decorative fascias can be found on many different buildings.

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