Stair Nosings

The edges of stairs are often subject to heavy traffic and are the place most likely to be damaged during use. Stair nosings provide a barrier to this damage, increasing the overall lifetime and durability of a staircase and adding an essential safety component to help prevent slips and falls. The key feature of stair nosings os that they are made from non-slip materials, and this is achieved either by grooves in the nosing or with the addition of a slip resistant tread coating. They are available in a variety of heights, styles, materials and finishes. Stair nosing profiles can be retrofitted to some existing staircases, or incorporated into the stair design. Stair nosings are most often found where there’s a risk of stairs becoming slippery for example on external staircases that may be subject to rain, or in areas of heavy use such as industrial factories and public buildings.

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