Waste Systems and Components

In plumbing, the waste system is part of the drainage, waste and vent system of the building. It uses a network of pipes to carry away both the waste from sinks and baths but also effluence from the toilet. In some constructions, there is a combined system where the stack is used for both waste water and soil whilst in other plumbing systems there are independent stacks ( also known as one- or two-pipe systems.) Waste system pipes are usually made of asbestos cement, cast iron or plastics like PVC. To make sure the toilet is installed flush to the floor, a closet flange is used. The toilet bowl itself and the cistern are made of vitreous china/ceramic though the seat and the lid are more commonly made of plastic. The flush system, released by a handle or button, is dual-valve with one valve responsible for the flush and the other for refilling the cistern. A floating arm component is used to regulate the level of water in the cistern. Toilet waste passes through the U-bend, which is a water trap which prevents the backflow of effluence. For sanitary reasons, the waste system is an essential part of any building. Given the nature of the system, it is generally repaired by plumbers.

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  1. Guttering
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    Guttering is an essential part of any roof ensuring that rainfall is diverted away from the building to prevent structural damage. There is a variety of guttering available not only in terms of material but also in terms of shape, pipe diameter and the way it is attached to the roof.

  2. Soil Pipes and Fittings
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    Soil pipes and fittings are installed to take the toilet waste from the building to the sewerage system outside. A number of the pipes and fittings are specifically used for this system as they are safeguards to prevent blockages, backflow and the dangerous build-up of sewer gases.

  3. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.