Soil Pipes and Fittings

Soil pipes and fittings for plumbers are part of the drainage, waste and venting system in a building. Soil pipes take the effluence from the toilet and carry it to the sewers or to a septic tank. Soil pipes can be made of cast iron, plastics like PVC or asbestos cement. For reasons of health and safety, there are a number of pipes and fittings which are used exclusively for this network of pipes. To prevent the build-up of potentially dangerous sewer gases, the soil pipe network uses traps. This is a water seal to prevent the backflow of soil wastage into the house. The U-bend behind the toilet, also known as an anti-siphonage pipe, is an example of a water trap. Outside the building, a vent pipe or stack vent allows for the release of these gases. Being outside, such pipes should have flashing to prevent rainwater entering. Soil fittings include the sanitary tee, the baffle tee and the closet flange, which allows a toilet to be installed flush to the floor. Soil pipes and fittings are essential in any building for the sanitary disposal of waste. Soil pipes are sometimes combined with other waste water but in other systems they have a separate drainage system.

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