UPS Systems

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  1. UPS Systems

    Constant Power Services Ltd (CPS Ltd)

    We maintain a significant level of UPS stock in the UK, with units usually available from 1kVA up to 400kVA to ensure that urgent requirements can be fulfilled within days rather than weeks. Factory Witness Testing is available for larger systems and as a further commitment to our customers, we support our equipment with a comprehensive spares holding, 24-7 emergency callout facilities and preventative Maintenance Agreements.
  2. UPS Systems

    AM Power Solutions Ltd

    UPS systems are invaluable if you are operating a business where any loss of power is critical or even dangerous to the running of your operations. We can check your current systems and make suggestions for improving and securing supply.

    AM Power will also set up a maintenance cycle to check and ensure the system is operating at 100% readiness and capability 24/7.

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