Oscilloscopes and Accessories

Oscilloscopes are electronic test instruments that allow for the observation and monitoring of varying signal voltages. They observe these signals as part of a two-dimension plot of one or more signals functions at any one time. With oscilloscopes, other types of signals (like vibrations and sound) can be converted into voltages and then displayed. Oscilloscopes and accessories are primarily used to observes the change of electrical signals over a period of time. There are various types of oscilloscopes available including digital, mixed-signal, mixed-domain, handheld and PC based. While oscilloscope accessories include transistor analysers, time domain reflectometers and spectrum analysers. The main purpose of oscilloscopes is for maintenance of electronic equipment and in the use of laboratory work. As such, they are generally used in the fields of automotive, telecommunications, medicine, sciences, medicine and engineering.

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  1. Analogue Oscilloscopes
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    Oscilloscopes are test instruments which allow for the monitoring and observing of different signal voltages. A benefit of the analogue oscilloscope features phosphor-based display to provide brighter trace. They are primarily used in the maintenance of electronic equipment and also used in laboratory work.

  2. Digital Oscilloscopes
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    A digital oscilloscope is an essential tool for those that design, manufacture and repair electronic equipment but they are not limited to just the world of electronics. They are used to create an electrical signal in response to various types of physical stimuli like stress, pressure, sound, heat and light.

  3. Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
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    Mixed signal oscilloscopes are used in the maintenance of electronic equipment and also in laboratory work. Oscilloscopes test instrument which allows for the monitoring and observing of various signal voltages. They work by providing the user with the ability to time-correlate both digital and analogue channels which offer an advantage over separate oscilloscope and logic analysers.

  4. Oscilloscope Kits
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    Oscilloscope kits are used to observe changes of electrical signals over time. These include time and voltage which describe a shape that is calibrated against a scale. They are essential equipment for professionals who manufacture, design and repair electronic equipment.

  5. Oscilloscope Probes
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    Oscilloscope probes, often called scope, are essential parts of oscilloscopes for fault finding in electronics equipment. There are two type oscilloscope probes which are passive oscilloscope probes and active oscilloscopes probes. Passive oscilloscopes are the most common types of probes while active oscilloscopes enable greater levels of functionality.

  6. Waveform Generators
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    Waveform generators are a type of electronic test equipment which is used to generate electrical waveforms. These waveforms are either single-shot or repetitive, where the waveforms can be injected into a device under test. Types of waveform generators include function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, RF signal generator, vector signal generator, audio signal generator and pulse generator.

  7. Other
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