Inspection and Measurement

An inspection is an organised formal evaluation procedure. In the engineering environment, inspection includes measuring, testing, and gauging an object or activity. The results are then compared to requirements or industry standards to determine if the item or process passes inspection. Measurement is similar to measurement, in that, it is a process which is put into place to make sure that standards are cohered to. Instead, measurement is the process of comparing an unknown magnitude of a certain parameter with the known predefined standard of that parameter. Tools used for measurement and inspection include visual inspection, ultrasonic testing, remote visual inspection, automated optical inspection, non-contact optical measurement, and Photogrammetry. Inspection and measurement is a cornerstone of trade, engineering, science, technology, and quantitative research in many disciplines.

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  1. CNC Inspection Equipment
    - 2 Suppliers 62 Products

    CNC machines are controlled by code, usually via a computer and require very little user input. This non-contact method is commonly used by the manufacturing process via an Automated optical inspection (AOI) which is used to scan devices under test for both failure and quality defects.

  2. Force Measurement and Accessories
    - 6 Suppliers 243 Products

    Force measurements and accessories are used in the fields of research and development, laboratory, quality, and production to measure force. Force is generally measured by gauging push and pull via mechanical and digital force gauges. The most common mechanical fore measurer is typical weighing scales.

  3. Hardness Testing
    - 1 Supplier 6 Products

    Hardness testing is usually performed in engineering and metallurgy fields to quantify the hardness of materials or matter. Hardness can be measured in three ways, with equipment to measure each category; scratch hardness, indentation hardness, and rebound hardness.

  4. Laser Measurement
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    Laser measurement is a non-contact method of measuring thickness, length, speed, dimensions, profile, moisture and protein of any given specimen. It can also be used to measure the distance between two given points, and can be commonly called a laser range finder.

  5. Metrology Equipment
    - 6 Suppliers 105 Products

    Metrology equipment is vast since metrology is the science behind all measurements including theoretical and practical. When sourcing metrology equipment, it’s important to ensure the equipment is high-quality since it has to be able to accurately measure or assist in measuring without influencing results.

  6. Oscilloscopes and Accessories
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    Oscilloscopes are electronic test instruments that allow for the observation and monitoring of varying signal voltages. They observe these signals as part of a two-dimension plot of one or more signals functions at any one time. They are generally used in the fields of automotive, telecommunications, medicine, sciences, medicine and engineering.

  7. Small Measurement Tools
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    A small measurement tool measures those tiny areas you would have thought were impossible to quantify. For example, a dial bore gauge along can measure .001 inch. Small measurement tools are important to the industries of aerospace, metrology, automotive, electronics, industrial or medical applications.