Centrifuges and Accessories

Centrifuges are machines with a rapidly rotating container which applies centrifugal force to their contents. They are able to separate fluids of different densities as well as liquid from solids. When laboratory tubes are placed in a centrifuge, the denser particles settle at the bottom. There are a wide variety of centrifuges. The micro centrifuge is compact and able to hold small tubes. The refrigerated micro centrifuge can operate at consistent temperatures whilst still running at maximum speed. The pre-clinical, fixed- and dual-speed centrifuge are bench top models with fixed and variable speeds. Some types use a rotary design; the fixed-angle keeps specimens at a constant angle to the axis. Other kinds include the swinging head/bucket version which swings outwards during the spin. The continuous tubular centrifuge is exclusively used for high volume applications while gas centrifuges separate isotopes. Rotors and adaptors are accessories which add greater flexibility. There are various applications of centrifuges. They can be found in laboratories for pharmaceutical research, tissue culture and microbiology. They also have uses in the industrial sector to separate liquids and in waste disposal to suspend sediment. Forensic science and medical research find them to be essential pieces of equipment.

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