Weighing and Measuring

The selection and maintenance of the correct weighing equipment is vital to many businesses, and a wide range of scales are available to cater for a variety of applications. Modern technologies make digital weighing solutions more accurate than ever before and allow them to integrate into factory data systems for quick and efficient inventory management. The types of weighing and measuring scales available include bench scales, counting scales, floor scales, forklift truck scales, weighbridge scales, container weighing solutions and many more. Weighing scales are an essential tool in many places of work, and are widely used in both the commercial and industrial sectors in factories, warehouses, cargo handling centres, docks, public weighbridges, retail shops, hospitals and may more locations.

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  1. Bench Scales
    - 1 Supplier 13 Products

    Bench scales are a quality digital weighing scale, incorporating latest technologies and used in a variety of weighing, check weighting and counting applications. Supplied in a variety of sizes, and accurately weigh goods up to 300kg. Used in a huge range of industries, bench scales can be found in hospitals and on farms as well as in larger manufacturing plants.

  2. Container Weighing Solutions
    - 4 Suppliers 28 Products

    Accurate weighing of full containers rather than individual items prior to packing of a container, allows you to maximise use of the load space, increase revenue and comply with the latest SOLAS safety legislation. Weighing equipment includes scales, weighbridges and lifting equipment, and are essential to the import, export, transport and shipping industries.

  3. Counting Scales
    - 1 Supplier 9 Products

    Counting scales are accurate digital scales used in inventory control and part counting, and especially useful for counting light objects that would otherwise be very time consuming to count by hand. A wide range of scales is available, incorporating the latest in digital weighing technologies and allowing integration with inventory management systems.

  4. Floor Scales
    - 2 Suppliers 75 Products

    Floor scales are a heavy duty solution for weighing goods in industrial environments, they lay flat on the floor so it’s easy to manoeuvre heavy goods or bulky items onto them for weighing. Models are available in a wide range of capacities and prices to suit a variety of prices and budgets.

  5. Forklift Truck Scales
    - 1 Supplier 2 Products

    Forklift truck scales allow for accurate weighing and measuring of good on the move, whilst the vehicle is in motion. They save valuable time in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, as well as improving overall productivity and revenue.

  6. Load Cells and Indicators
    - 2 Suppliers 2 Products

    Load cells convert force into a measurable electrical output and are commonly found inside your kitchen and bathroom scales. A load cell actually is actually transducer, and can create an electrical signal whose magnitude is directly proportional to the force. They are commonly found in industries classified as science, engineering, education, freight, construction and pharmaceutical but can be found in homes all around the world.

  7. Post and Mail Scales
    - 1 Supplier 9 Products

    Post and mail scales are a life saver for those with a small office since they offer a postal service, right from the desk. You can use these scales, which are essential weighing scales, to pre-empt the cost of posting letters and parcels. Post and mail scales are also useful for small businesses who might need to quote customers for postage costs.

  8. Rate Controllers
    - 1 Supplier 5 Products

    Rate controllers are used to measure weight as it decreases (or trucks are unloaded) and control it accordingly. They work by supplying excitation to the load sensors, this means the weight is then digitalised and the rate controller provides an analogue output to control the feeder speed. Rate controllers are commonly used in mines and quarries, rubbish dumps / recycling centres, bulk liquid and powder movement, household goods, and electrical equipment.

  9. Weigh Stations
    - 1 Supplier 1 Product

    Weigh stations are used by local and custom authorities to monitor the weight of goods imported and exported. There are various types of weigh stations, many involve the truck to pull into an area for inspection while many operate a weigh in motion technology which means the truck can be weighed without slowing down.

  10. Weighbridges
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    Weighbridges are used for calculating the weight of loads on rail and road vehicles. Weighbridges are essentially a set of large scales, usually set in a concrete floor, that calculates loads by weighing vehicles pre and post loading. Weighbridges are used all around the world and because of this there are various different types of models suiting the geography of each location.

  11. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.