Collar Clamps

Collar clamps ensure even distribution of force around shafts in various types of machinery. They provide ease of use and ensure that no shaft damage occurs. The two main types of collar clamps are one-piece shaft collars and two-piece shaft collars. Both are equally successful at ensuring clamping forces are uniformly distributed, but two-piece designs generally provide greater convenience and are more versatile overall. One-piece collar clamps wrap around a shaft to create even force distribution. A tight fit is achieved which results in impressive holding power, as well as guiding against shaft damage. Collar clamps are easy to remove and easily adjustable. Two-piece collar clamps offer even more convenience and adaptability. The split design enables a quicker assembly and disassembly. Two-piece collar clamps also have a greater holding power than one-piece versions. Due to their ease of use and versatility, collar clamps have a variety of uses in a wide number of applications. As they provide even force distribution on machine shafts and are reliable and easily adjustable, collar clamps are used extensively in machinery.

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