Knurled Handwheels

Conventional handwheels are typically available in three versions: solid, keyway and spoked. Knurled handwheels are usually solid and are mainly used as an alternative to star knobs or hand knobs for clamping or adjusting applications. Knurled handwheels allow for easy grip and are particularly suited to light clamping and calibrating. Knurled handwheels are shock-resistant. Knurled handwheels can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Plastic technopolymer is often used, as are stainless steel and aluminium alloy. Knurled handwheels can come with or without a handle. The shape is either standard or slit and knurled handwheels can either be with or without a tap in their design. Knurled handwheels can be used on pipes and precision machinery in a range of industries. However, the most common use for knurled handwheels is for light applications where clamping or adjustment is required.

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