Cameras and Accessories

Off-the-shelf optical components include a wide selection of optical lenses, optical filters, optical mirrors, windows, prisms, beamsplitters and diffraction gratings.

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  1. Analog Cameras
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    Analog cameras still have uses in the modern business world, most notably in the arts and fashion sector. 35 mm cameras are the most common, whilst 120mm cameras deliver square photos and 110mm pocket cameras produce smaller photos. Instant cameras are also available, printing your photo in seconds, perfect for when you would like to produce a tangible photo on the spot.

  2. Board-Level Cameras
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    Board-level cameras are used in image capturing in a variety of applications including for inspection of quality or scanning of barcodes). They are commonly used in factory automation, machine vision, apparatus engineering, Process monitoring, printing industry, medical engineering, packaging industry and in measurement and analytical instruments.

  3. Camera Accessories
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    A huge range of camera accessories are available. From bags, straps and lenses to tripods, flashguns, light meters and storage accessories, there is sure to be a suitable camera accessory out there to meet your business's photographic requirements.

  4. Camera Mounting Accessories
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    A huge range of camera mounting accessories are available. Tripods, pincer clamps and suction clamps keep your camera static whilst specialist sports, wildlife, handlebar and dashboard mounts help you to take shots on the move. Whatever your business photo needs there is sure to be a solution to suit you.

  5. Camera Mounting Components
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    A huge range of camera mounting components are available. Choose from tripod components, clamps and screw to build you base system and customise with swivel mounts and housing to fit your particular camera. Building from scratch ensures you can design a mount to fit your specific needs.

  6. CCTV
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    CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and CCTV equipment is essentially a TV system that is used for surveillance. CCTV equipment is used by business owners who want to protect premises, local authorities for safety and surveillance and home owners to protect their property.

  7. Digital Cameras
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    Digital cameras are incorporate into many devices including mobiles phones, watches and vehicles. In each case, a digital camera produces images that are stored in a digital memory. They are also widely used by professionals, including photographers, as well as hobbyist and enthusiasts and serve as a common item in the everyday home.

  8. FireWire Cameras
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    Firewire cameras use the latest data exchange technology to enable superfast transfer of photographs top your computer or other device. Ideal for high volume photography such as catalogue shoots, most professional and some semi-professional cameras now come readily equipped with firewire technology.

  9. Gigabit Ethernet Cameras
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    Gigabit Ethernet cameras allow for the connection of multiple cameras to one computer at once. With fast data transfer rates and long cable lengths, they are ideal for when you need to use several cameras at once and have only one dedicated computer.

  10. Imaging Systems
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    Imaging systems have a range of applications in research, presentation and teaching. Systems can be custom built to your requirements but typically consist of a microscope, camera, interface card, computer and imaging software.

  11. NIR Cameras
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    A wide range of NIR and UV Cameras are available and are suitable for many imaging needs. Ideal for night time imaging, or for detecting certain materials through fluorescence in microscopy, they may also be used for quality assurance purposes by detecting flaws or defects unobservable to the naked eye.

  12. USB Cameras
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    USB cameras can be set-up with any 2.0 or 3.0 USB point, including a laptop. They are used in a wide range of functions, both at home and commercially including teaching, presenting, distance learning and virtual communication including webchats and webcasts.

  13. UV Cameras
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    UV cameras use special technology and software in order to capture images on the UV light spectrum, which cannot be captured with an ordinary camera. Exposure times on UV cameras can be adjusted using specialist software, enabling you to capture images across the UV spectrum range.

  14. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.