Analog Cameras

Analog cameras, or traditional 'film' cameras, still have a large range of business uses even in the age of digital photography. Many businesses, particularly in the fashion or arts sector, still use analog cameras, often alongside digital cameras to enhance their work and give it depth. When it comes to choosing a film camera, it’s important to remember that different cameras shoot different kinds of film. Some cameras use 35 mm some require 120 or 110mm format film, and some use instant film. The most common among these choices is a 35mm film camera, which can be processed at your local photo lab. 120 film is larger and delivers square photos and 110 format film is used with pocket cameras and produces small photos. Lastly, instant photo cameras do not require photo lab processing; they magically develop within a few seconds, making them perfect for when you want to produce a tangible photograph instantly, particularly when you are away from printing facilities or wish to carry out test shots.

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