Illumination and Accessories

A huge range of photographic illumination equipment and accessories are available, covering everything you might possibly need to light any subject. Whether your specialty is portraits or headshots, commercials or magazine editorials, there is sure to be an illumination solution to meet your needs. There are hundreds of illumination accessories available - lighting kits and accessories, light meters, beauty dishes, reflectors, gobos and spotlights, strobes, light modifiers, stands, bulbs, lamps, fibre optics and fluorescent lights, cases and carrying options. However large or small your photoshoot, whatever your location or subject, there is bound to be an illumination solution which meets your requirements.

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  1. Fiber Optic Illumination
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    Fibre optic illumination systems offer great flexibility as it is simple to adjust the light intensity and colour. Providing a cold light source, they produce a purer photographic result than some warmer lighting systems. Filters and optics can also be added to the system to further customise your lighting.

  2. Fluorescent Illumination
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    Fluorescent illumination offers a cooler, whiter light which isolates your photographic subject, making fluorescent bulbs the ideal solution for product photography. Fluorescent lighting is also far more energy efficient than traditional bulbs, perfect for keeping your energy costs low and if you are concerned about environmental impact.

  3. Illumination Accessories
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    A diverse range of photographic illumination accessories are on the market designed to compliment your photographic lighting systems. From light meters, power packs, lighting stands and booms to batteries, bulbs and flash tubes, you should be able to source all you need to maintain your lighting systems to a high standard.

  4. LED Illumination
    - 5 Suppliers 82 Products

    LED lights offer a large light emitting area with uniform illumination and adjustable brightness. They have a long work life and are cost efficient and environmentally friendly. The soft light LED illumination produces makes it perfect for a range of photographic applications.

  5. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.