Display Solutions

Display Solutions offer a wide range of fixtures and fittings designed to showcase your products to their best advantage. There is a huge range of products suitable for both large and small retailers as well as showrooms, fashion houses and factory outlets. Display solutions range from shelving, sign holders, mannequins, body forms, hangers, retail showcases and many more. Both fixed and portable display solutions are available, so whether you are looking to display your products in a permanent retail space or showcase them at a trade show you are sure to find something which fulfils your requirements. Display solutions can be provided as ‘off the peg’ products suitable for a range of uses or can be custom made with your choice of company logo or signage. Whatever you require – from a large number of shelves for a warehouse display space to a small and attractive custom piece for a boutique clothing range, there will be a display solution to for your needs and enhance your retail space.

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  1. Advertising Banners
    - 10 Suppliers 203 Products

    Advertising banners are a fantastic low cost, high impact solution when your company has something they want to shout about. Colourful, durable and available in a large range of sizes and formats, advertising banners are quick and easy to produce – the ideal solution when you need a high impact marketing material fast.

  2. Display Boards
    - 6 Suppliers 555 Products

    Display boards are a flexible, portable and adaptable display solution which allows you to create a professional looking display at any event with ease in minutes. Available in a wide range of materials, formats and colours, there is bound to be an option suitable for your company’s display needs whether large or small.

  3. Exhibition Stands
    - 3 Suppliers 77 Products

    Exhibition stands are your shop window at events, trade shows and exhibitions. A huge range of exhibition stands are available, which can be hired or purchased, and customised to promote your brand identity. A quality exhibition stands is sure to attract customers and increase both your sales and visibility.

  4. LED Lightboxes
    - 1 Supplier 31 Products

    LED lightboxes are used as displays that work to increase brand awareness, generate sales and drive footfall by using light through an image to create an illuminated display. They work by displaying graphics and information within a retail environment including shops, restaurants, cinemas, bars and hotels.

  5. Literature Stands
    - 5 Suppliers 171 Products

    A wide range of literature display products are available. Whether free-standing, wall mounted or counter-top, an attractive, well-organised literature stand reinforces your professional image and keeps your business premises looking tidy and attractive to customers, removing the untidy piles of brochures and flyers and keeping all your business literature readily accessible in one place.

  6. Modular Display Systems
    - 2 Suppliers 57 Products

    Modular display systems offer a flexible display solution as they can be easily reconfigured to fit the space you have available to exhibit at an event, making them an ideal choice if your company regularly exhibits at several different size and type of events throughout the year. They are available with a range of accessories which can accommodate the display of many different types of media, products and literature.

  7. Outdoor Banner Stands
    - 1 Supplier 16 Products

    Outdoor banner stands are perfect when you need to increase your brand’s visibility at an outdoor event. Made from weather-resistant materials and easy to assemble even in challenging weather conditions, banners are printed with your custom graphics to ensure you stand out from the crowd come rain or shine.

  8. Pavement Signs
    - 4 Suppliers 63 Products

    Pavement signs are a tried and tested method of attracting customers to your premises. Available in several different types from A-frames to swing signs to flexible signs, pavement sign can easily be changed regularly to promote new products, sales or promotions.

  9. Pop-Up Counters
    - 2 Suppliers 25 Products

    Pop up display counters offer a highly portable and professional exhibition tool which can be quickly and easily assembled at any event, providing you with a surface to interact with your customers on, as well as advertising your company through custom printed graphics.

  10. Pop-Up Stands
    - 4 Suppliers 84 Products

    Pop up display stands are easy to transport and set up and provide a fantastic backdrop to your exhibition space by displaying a large graphic area which marks you out from the competition. Available as modular systems, fixings can also be added to display IPads and LCD screens.

  11. Portable Exhibition Furniture
    - 2 Suppliers 14 Products

    Brand visibility is key to business success. Portable exhibition furniture lets you create an eye-catching, professional looking display that will ensure you stand out from the crowd even at large trade events. Furniture is easily transported and easy to set up, making it simple to make your mark at any event within minutes.

  12. Poster Frames
    - 6 Suppliers 370 Products

    Poster frames are a versatile advertising solution for when you wish to change your business information or advertise promotions, events and sales within moments. Available as wall mounted, hanging or counter-top, in a range of finishes and colours, poster frames are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use to keep your business message current.

  13. Promotional Flags
    - 6 Suppliers 291 Products

    Promotional flags have huge visual appeal and are suitable for use at trade shows and promotional events or to create a more permanent display at your business premises. Custom printed to your own bespoke design, and available in a range of styles and sizes, they are sure to catch the eye of your potential customers.

  14. Queue Barriers
    - 3 Suppliers 84 Products

    Queue barriers are perfect for controlling customer queues at your premises or even crowd control at events. Several different types are available including post and rope, retractable belt barriers and café barriers. Different colours and styles are available to suit your company branding, and some are customisable with your own graphics.

  15. Roller Banners
    - 7 Suppliers 53 Products

    Roller banners are portable, high impact marketing displays. Fully customised to your specifications, they collapse into protective casing when not in use, making them the perfect way to advertise your business on the move.

  16. Signage
    - 8 Suppliers 66 Products

    Signage is used in many aspects of society, businesses, councils and local people will use it to convey their message. Signage is a form of graphic design produced with the intention to communicate various forms of information to a particular audience. Signage typically displays information on promotional material such as advertisement boards and safety awareness displays including fire safety procedures or to provide directions for example through road signs.

  17. Tablet Display Stands
    - 2 Suppliers 38 Products

    IPad and tablet stands are ideal for showcasing your website or promotional video at events or within your retail space and are sure to attract potential customers. Different types can accommodate many different sizes and brand of tablet, and some stands can accommodate up to four tablets at a time.

  18. Twist Banner Systems
    - 3 Suppliers 5 Products

    Twist banner systems are a flexible modular system which allow you to configure various displays at a event or within your retail space. A range of sizes and available from large freestanding to portable counter top. Systems can also incorporate a variety of digital media.

  19. Other
    - 0 Suppliers 172 Products

    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.