Queue Barriers

Ideal for controlling customer queues at your business premises or retail space, or even crowds at events, queue barriers come in a range of styles, colours and designs to suit your company branding. There are a number of different types of queue barriers. Traditional rope and post systems look smart and are perfect for quickly setting up queues as they can simply be unhooked and attached to another post stanchion. Retractable belt barriers can easily be customised and lengthened to fit any specific requirements you have outside your establishment so are a good option if you want your queue barrier to be used at several locations. Café barriers are customisable with your own graphics and so are great for increasing footfall. They are also easy to assemble and put away at the end of a work day; simply open the clip-in attachment on the upper cross rails. All queue barriers are portable so can be used for events such as exhibitions, trade shows and marketing events.


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