Landline telephones

A Land Line Telephone is a fixed phone that is hard-wired or cordless but can typically only work in one location. Land line telephones obtain their power from the electrical circuit or a home or business premises, unlike mobile phones with work with the battery. One of the conveniences of the land line telephone is the fact that multi handsets can exist all-round the house, connected to the same line. This means that when the phone rings, it can be answered from various rooms (so there is no need to dig for one phone when you hear it ring). The landline telephone is also directly linked to your address, so in the event of emergencies, any emergency operator will directly know where you are calling from. Nowadays land line telephones offer something for everyone – from cutting edge digital displays (and the ability to pair with your smartphone) to phones specially designed to assist the elderly. On top of this, in every test, call quality of landline calls vs mobiles proves that landline is best so if your call really demands quality (like in a business environment) a landline should be your go-to.