Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is used when performing sports for the purpose of leisure, recreation or professional. Depending on the sport, a wide range of equipment is required including tools, clothing and protective gear. Common sports equipment includes goals, balls, sports strips, footballs, rugby balls, sticks, nets, tennis balls, rackets, bases, flying discs, wickets, bats, helmets, mouth guards, jock straps, shoes, trainers, skis, golf balls, gold clubs, roller skates, climbing equipment and shin pads. Sports equipment is used by those who perform sports and are used to provide protection, comfort, improve performance or can be necessary to the sport.

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  1. Artificial Grass and Specialist Sports Surfaces
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    Artificial grass and specialist sports surfaces are used as a maintenance free solution to grass, particularly in the field of sport where grass can come under a lot of stress. It is especially beneficial in covered or doomed sports stadiums which might have difficulty getting enough sunlight for healthy grass.

  2. Balls, Bats, Sticks, Racquets and Clubs
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    Balls, bats, sticks, racquets and clubs are types of sports equipment that are used in a wide range of ball and bat sports including tennis, golf, football, snooker, rugby, baseball, cricket, hockey, polo, badminton and many other sports.

  3. Bicycles and Accessories
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    A bicycle, sometimes called a bike, is a pedal-driven, two-wheel vehicle that is commonly used for recreation, sport and commuting. Bicycle accessories include all the additions which can make biking more enjoyable or effective, or tools which can help maintain, service or repair a bicycle.

  4. Floodlights
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    Floodlights are artificial lights which are used outside to provide illumination at sporting events or live performances, particularly during low-light conditions (like during the night and outside of daylight hours). They work by providing high-intensity, broad-beamed artificial light in outdoor playing fields, sporting stadiums, concerts, plays and other entertainment events that require lighting solutions.

  5. Gym Equipment
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    Gym equipment, also commonly known as exercise equipment, is a type of apparatus used during exercise to enhance conditioning or strength effects. Gym equipment is either fixed or portable and provides resistance or supports the exercise experience and enhances the outcome. It is found in health and wellness centres and used by health and fitness professionals, like personal trainers and physiotherapists.

  6. Perimeter Fencing
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    Perimeter fencing is a type of crime prevention fencing that surrounds a perimeter to prevent access. Perimeter fencing can be permanent (like in the case of airports and military buildings) but temporary solutions are also available for entertainment events like concerts and festivals.

  7. Scoreboards
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    Scoreboards are large boards for publically displaying the score in a sports game. As well as providing score keeping functionality, many scoreboards also measure times and displays statistics. They are commonly used in baseball, rugby, swimming, wrestling, football, basketball, cricket, ice hockey and motorsport.

  8. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.