Work Shirts

Work shirts are designed to protect the upper part of the body or torso along with hands and arms against normal workplace hazards. Work shirts are also worn as a normal piece of clothing and come in a large variety as there are waterproof shirts, office shirts, flame-retardant shirts, hooded shirts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo shirts available in the market. Due to their use across a wide spectrum of industries, work shirts may differ significantly from each other and can be made up of various fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, nylon, polyester or polycotton etc. Work shirts are one of the most widely used pieces of workwear and are used by almost every worker in one form or other. "

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  1. Corporate Office Shirts
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    Corporate office shirts have become the norm in most types of offices and can be seen in any office or workplace. Corporate office shirts are mainly used for formal settings and come in hundreds of shades and colours. Although in the past most corporate shirts were made up of cotton, wool or silk, nowadays synthetic fibres such as polyester are also used.

  2. Flame Retardant Shirts
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    Flame retardant shirts like other flame retardant clothing are made up of flame retardant materials which inhibit and supress the spread of fire. Their basic aim is to protect the wearer by allowing him some time to escape as no fire resistant or flame retardant materials is 100% fireproof and most materials will start to burn at sufficiently high temperatures.

  3. Hooded Sweatshirts
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    Hooded sweatshirts can be seen in all workplaces during winter as these allow an easy way to protest the torso along with head and neck from cold weather. Nowadays, most hooded sweatshirts are made up of polycotton and polyester.

  4. Sweatshirts
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    Sweatshirts are the preferred choice of millions of workers are most extensively used in outdoor work environments. Sweatshirts are mostly made up of cotton, wool, polyester or a combination of natural and synthetic fabrics. In recent years use of polycotton t-shirts with higher ratio of cotton has increased significantly.

  5. T-Shirts
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    T-shirts are arguably the most common form of shirts after normal collared shirts with buttons. T-shirts are used in workplaces, offices, schools, sports and have become the most easily spotted item of clothing almost anywhere on this planet. Due to their lightweight, cheap prices, easy wash ability these are preferred over other shirts.

  6. Occupational Shirts
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    Work shirts refer to any type of shirt which has been designed to be primarily used in an office or workplace. Work shirts are normally made up of cotton, polycotton, polyester, wool or silk and are available in hundreds of colours and designs.

  7. Work Polo Shirts
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    Work polo shirts are a slightly modified version of normal polo shirts as these can have some additional features and are in most of the cases used as uniform across various large businesses and organizations. Polo shirts are made up of knitted fabric and nowadays most polo shirts are made using polycotton or cotton.

  8. Work T-Shirts
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    Work t-shirts are t-shirts designed to be used at workplaces. As expected, these often have additional features not commonly found in normal t-shirts such fire retardant properties, anti-bacterial, anti-static which protects workers from health hazards at workplaces. Various materials such as Cotton, Cotton Rich, 100% Polyester, Polycotton, 100% Polypropylene, Polyamide Rich, Elastane, Polyester Rich are used for making work t-shirts.

  9. Other
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    Other products that didn't quite fit into any of the above categories.